Stainless steel process should pay attention to the problem of bottle collection

by:Xianke     2020-07-16

process stainless steel bottle appearance can let others enjoy the wine culture of Chinese art value. On the stainless steel bottle, scenery, figures, animals, calligraphy art design records the history of wine, allusions, such as the information such as origin, besides blue, pastel, glaze, bucket color, colorful and colored enamel CiYi everything is' antiques will in modern collection. Technology bottle of need to pay attention to the following aspects: collection. Technology of stainless steel bottle is complete, the complete process of stainless steel bottle including bottles, caps, bottle label, some wineries use disposable FangWeiGai, after open the bottle cap for its destruction and cast it away, collectors will cap after open the bottle cap with connectives. 。 Technology of stainless steel bottle appearance: some stainless steel bottle if small defects by slight collision, will seriously affect its value. So to keep craft bottle appearance, light with light. 。 Process the identity of the stainless steel bottle: whether the difference between a container bottle for process, its only tag should be a label, so collectors don't damage the stick a label on the bottle of wine, after all, it is proved that the container to process the id of the bottle. The five standards of the old wine investment collection
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