Stainless steel manufacturing to break change operating conditions into the cause

by:Xianke     2020-07-11

open years, in the branching channel the county, the county government to vigorously support and the enterprises to make unremitting efforts, branching channel stainless steel industry ushered in the new vigor and vitality. In order to ensure the steady progress of the project, landing branching channel government proposed the 'industrial projects and traffic construction simultaneously'. It is understood that in the first quarter of projects, the total investment. One hundred million yuan, including stainless steel and related projects, respectively is: sichuan Lyle high-end stainless steel production line, Kang Rong stainless steel technical renovation, jia shi stainless steel technical renovation, leshan keda ceramics capital of western creative garden, high-end stainless steel park stainless steel production line, the pearl of stainless steel and stainless steel accessory, technical transformation project is sure kv hanyang town station, etc. Thus, in the first quarter of branching channel stainless steel industry projects has made outstanding achievements. To steadily push forward the stainless steel project construction process, the local government to increase the investment on traffic network construction, new for branching channel length of jas highway, branching channel for stainless steel for ya, support forth post-disaster urban construction provides the convenience. According to the branching channel a stainless steel enterprise salesman, elegant expressway opened to traffic, not only shorten the distance between branching channel and ya 'an, at the same time also for branching channel stainless steel everywhere in ya 'an saves time and cost. In addition, the expansion of the ChengKunXian project engineering branching channel section involves a villages and towns, long county territory. Kilometers. In ChengKunXian expansion project research, jiajiang county zhang jianhong stressed that the headquarters and the project owner, the construction unit should cooperate closely, strengthen coordination, do a good job, people thought along the villages and towns to carry out, implement land, one pace reachs the designated position, complete basic construction work, to create favorable conditions for ChengKun railway construction. At present, the yong qing township first began to clear land, wu town projects department temporary land use have been ready, start the requisition of all villages and towns work, take strong security measures, the concrete has been working intensively to promote. According to the transport department of jiajiang relevant personnel ChengKunXian expansion means meet basic civil transport functions at the same time, will also provide convenience for branching channel stainless steel industry open up the market. It is understood that in ~, the county urban construction, traffic project investment projects with the total fixed investment. One hundred million yuan. For the fixed % of total investment. , jiajiang county wei secretary Liao Kequan stressed that county project progress lag involves mainly led led to hanging together in person, to carry out the responsibility, carefully find reason analysis, focusing, get the breakthrough. Coordinate to solve encountered in the project construction to strengthen services, shortage of funds. County departments at all levels to thought and action unity to work 'project in the ground' theme, strengthen the consciousness of project and achieve 'all for the project, all staring at dry, everything in order to project', strengthen the guidance, strongly push forward. To ensure the successful completion of annual investment task, as 'meet development and construction of the three radiative zone' add a strong driving force. With the development of the stainless steel industry, the related supporting industries should be synchronous development. In the first quarter of this year, under the impetus of the stainless steel industry projects, transportation network also get the corresponding development, as well as the introduction of the second quarter of the stainless steel project and lay the foundation.
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