Stainless steel into Beijing exhibition of art

by:Xianke     2020-07-11
Organized by Beijing to jas porch 'spring porcelain rhyme' exhibition, will be opened in aika collections of temple date. The art of porcelain, has always been the focus of the art market. But in recent years due to the excessive speculation, part of the artist's work has far exceeded the market price to bear ability, and the participating artists all works with distinctive artistic characteristics and reasonably priced. At the same time, the exhibition is to keep the continuity of the usual potential artists, and expanded the recommendation, by artist gradually expanded to the longquan celadon and henan jun porcelain. Besides LanGuoHua, liu He day, wang Yin artists such as springs, Yu Xin, Yu Chen chau, chun-qin zhang, and jun porcelain, celadon artists Cui Songwei, Li Hezhen, Chen Xiangyuan etc. , the exhibition will last to the end of the month day. Chinese art fund launching ceremony held in stainless steel
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