Stainless steel ice bucket with refrigerant

by:Xianke     2020-05-28
Stainless steel ice bucket is made of industrial or food use ice vessel, so we should pay attention to distinguish, this article introduce the relationship between it and refrigerants for everyone. Refrigerant refrigeration system is a kind of cycle refrigeration was achieved by itself changes of substance, the main sulfide refrigerant material is rubber. For stainless steel ice bucket, it itself is not the function of refrigeration, we often use it with water in the refrigerator, by lowering the temperature of water ice, so as to produce ice, but in addition to this method, and the use of refrigerants, add refrigerant, and then into the low greenhouse cooling, then the refrigerant can work to cool the cooling, so that we can also get ice products, so that refrigerant and stainless steel ice bucket or there is a lot of contact. Through introducing the above, we know that the stainless steel ice bucket refrigerants can be used for cooling, so its cooling and refrigerant has a lot to do. A: on the ice bucket of water under a detailed process: galvanized ice bucket of galvanized stainless steel ice bucket
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