Stainless steel ice bucket of physical injury

by:Xianke     2020-05-28
Stainless steel ice bucket in the process of using physical injury may arise due to improper operation, it will affect the normal use of ice bucket, when use should pay attention to adopt the right operating mode, so as not to cause physical damage to the surface of the ice bucket, so what are the cause of physical injury? The following is to analyze for you. Stainless steel ice bucket of physical injury is formed in the coating process, after coating, drying into the drying furnace, because inside the barrel is relatively seal, under the action of high temperature inside the furnace, air and water gradually from the barrels, expansion, internal pressure increases, the internal gas generally by untight seal barrel mouth out. After being ice bucket out of the oven, at the same time, the general use formal barrel mouth piece will go and screw down the turnover flap to change. When leaving a production site after cooling gradually, internal pressure decreases gradually, when the internal pressure is less than the external pressure, barrel body as a result of the action of pressure difference to produce retraction. Solution is to tighten the barrel as stainless steel ice bucket cools the mouth pieces. Stainless steel ice bucket due to physical damage problem of the basic are caused due to improper operation, should pay attention to in the process of use for furnace temperature control, prevent excessive temperature lead to change in the process of coating tube body, the cause of the above introduction we can in actual operation in the future to avoid as far as possible. A: not the next article: ice bucket renovation process stainless steel ice bucket
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