Stainless steel colourful jing in wuxi city

by:Xianke     2020-07-15

, which is jointly organized by federation and the municipal federation in wuxi city, one of calligraphy painting art museum and hong investment in wuxi stainless steel co. , LTD. Jointly undertake 'art jiangnan - — The first contemporary art exhibition 'held in wuxi museum, wuxi stainless steel, a grand stainless steel art visual feast in the beautiful taihu lake. Committee member, China federation of the presidium of the national, Luo Yang, vice President of association appointe secretary-general of, in wuxi, wuxi municipal committee, minister of the propaganda department of kingdom li-ren wang, deputy director of the National People's Congress and wuxi federation leaders attended the opening ceremony that day. The famous art exhibition of stainless steel with a stainless steel art museum CenChuan theory of calligraphy painting, Yang the world too, CenYan, lan-jun wang, jie fall in love of stainless steel such as strength artists art is given priority to, at the same time brings together bring together the echelon art creators stainless steel stainless steel works of art, in the artistic creation level reflects the overall strength of the artistic creation of stainless steel, can be said to be the stainless steel products. At the scene of the opening ceremony, the Chinese stainless steel art master ShuLiHong, Zeng Yalin stainless steel was carried out, such as painting show, shows visitors stainless steel drawing skills, sound drew praise. According to one of calligraphy painting art museum director XinLiDong stainless steel, this exhibition aims at carrying forward the culture of stainless steel, promote wuxi communicate with both culture and art. Exhibition will display close pieces of contemporary art, stainless steel works type covers contemporary various categories, such as blue, pastels, color glaze decoration, sculpture, etc. , to wuxi to show art essence of stainless steel and stainless steel art collection lovers. The exhibition works, whether it's characteristics of fine materials, stunt toughening process, or art, has a distinctive aesthetic features and times. In the exhibition, a special porcelain plate painting 'lingshan scenic spot attracted attention, it is understood that this is in order to wuxi humanities landscape, natural landscape and stainless steel art fusion, one of calligraphy painting artist CenChuan theory, add jie wuxi several field trips, several drafts before, for the exhibition to create giant porcelain plate paintings, porcelain plate. M, width. Meters, around taihu lake scene, lingshan holy spirit, of integrating art, ideas, process and view and admire a gender, is ShengGuo of wuxi, both cultural and artistic exchange. Party secretary, deputy secretary of municipal party committee propaganda department of literature federation, chairman of Yu Zhihua told reporters at the scene of the opening ceremony, as famous historical and cultural city of wuxi, with purple sand culture, he is sister art, with stainless steel art have a common, common place, the exhibition is a blend of both art, is a feast for the dual cultural exchange. In cultural development, the big boom, 'art jiangnan - — Held the first exhibition of contemporary art wuxi stainless steel ', meaning deep, he showed the wuxi stainless steel art charm, let more people know stainless steel, and improve the level of art appreciation and collection of stainless steel. At the same time, he called for more people to participate in the carrying forward the culture of stainless steel to, highs, driven to go out, please come in, the high grade stainless steel to show the country and the world culture.
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