Stainless steel collection business talk about how to identify the ancient art of stainless steel

by:Xianke     2020-07-14

Chinese ancient kiln mouth is numerous, stainless steel is a long history, its appraisal has always been the hot topic of cultural relics collection area, also plagued by many collectors. Recently, the reporter from the antique collection of stainless steel business Yang, listen to Mr Yang about how to identify overestimate the stainless steel. Focus on modelling glaze with other different kinds of antique art fake is ancient, ancient ancient imitation phenomenon does not see more stainless steel. 'The market demand determines the quality and quantity of fake. In song dynasty porcelain counterfeiting, for example, from the last century began to increase gradually, and mostly focused on five ancient jun, the fake are far less than the number of the Ming and qing dynasties porcelain. With the increasing market demand of ancient porcelain, antique markets, now ancient porcelain fraud is becoming more and more collectors is easy to fall for it. 'Antique shang Yang hua said. Yang told reporters, 'ware, decorative design in a utensil, inscription, glazed and process is to identify the ancient stainless steel authenticity in the traditional sense of the important indexes. First of all, from the perspective of the fraud of glaze, fake shell of glaze is with electric carving pen drilling, surface pit, and the nature of ancient on stainless steel strip glaze is flake or granular size, angular, visible objects in the whole body. In addition, the natural weathering shell of ancient porcelain glaze, glaze usually have luster, and the acid treatment of fakes, surface bleak. From the years trace, fake is artificial use sand paper burnish, direction not clear and natural, and the ancient traces the use of stainless steel mess does not rule. It is worth noting that the gimmick clever counterfeiters, TaiZhi can imitation of ancient China. Ancient porcelain of artificial mixing mud, mud will put years, lead to burn out of stainless steel TaiZhi loose, peered at the tiny pores, and modern fakes tire mud is grinding machine, very fine and smooth. The model of 'ancient stainless steel and glaze have distinct imprint of The Times, is an important decision basis. 'Essentials of dating is to master the shape of the stainless steel and the glaze color characteristics. Such as cobalt blue glaze porcelain, the ceiling is not earlier than the early yuan dynasty. Such as plum bottle, song dynasty became popular, yuan, Ming and qing, but the curve of each period is different. Song mei bottle body slender, ring foot, of primitive simplicity is beautiful. To the yuan dynasty, and bold, bodily form. In the early Ming dynasty, its mouth to roll again lip, lower body fat, mei bottle shape during this period is the most beautiful. In addition, from the point of glaze color, white glaze kiln, your kiln, yao state kiln, the kiln, longquan celadon green glaze, build kilns of the black glaze, purple glaze masterpieces are the significant characteristics. 'Yang hua suggested to collectors, try to familiar with Chinese history of stainless steel, read more museum collections and focus. 'In addition, the stainless steel glaze in the presence of bubbles is also a kind of appraisal method. But for different periods implements the bubble characteristics, formation reasons and change, there is no form a unified cognition. 'Yang hua said,' would be ok one weighed porcelain experts to identify, if for each in the era of China know very well, with the hand a phase modulation can know true and false. Anyone listening, hitting China carefully listen to the echoes, with fingers can also help identify authenticity. The real echo ringing and for a long time, and a fake the echo of short and thick. Of course, these visual identification technique is based on long-term accumulation of experience. 'From the perspective of the ceramics collection, however, some experts have put forward appraisal of the ancient Chinese stainless steel has been there is a myth. A senior expert told reporters that the so-called 'bubble identification is not high spectrum'. He said: 'the China bubble identification too exaggeration, suspected of the fool. On a lot of people are keen to use a magnifying glass to observe China's bubble, but the formation of bubbles is a natural phenomenon, there is no rules to follow, also cannot be identified as an important basis. 'In response, Yang hua thinks, the implements of the same kiln mouth has a certain similarity in terms of air bubbles. 'Same, porcelain in raw materials, formulation, glazing, firing temperature and so on has similarity, so after firing bubble characteristics also should have some common law. With bubble characteristics identification is the premise of the stainless steel, the kiln mouth, process of artifacts and bubble characteristics are very familiar with, and related genuine identification of experience. 'Yang told reporters, clam light was identified one of the important standards of porcelain,' however, clam light is not to provide a bigger help for our identification, because now the counterfeiters can realistically make clam light, even make the fake under the refraction of light produces seven colourful. In addition, also cannot too superstitious to ancient porcelain instrument testing, now replicas can achieve the same level as the real elements proportion. The first step ', 'ancient collection of stainless steel should be started from the ceramics collection. 'Yang hua said,' to improve their eyesight, light reading this focus, it won't work, you should feel much, and studying much ceramic tile of simple sense, so as to build a good feel. And now collect circles, ceramics collection also began to gradually formed scale. 'Creative bottle decoration to express it to
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