Stainless steel cold dish is frozen

by:Xianke     2020-05-28
If you often to clean up home refrigerator, you will find that the frozen stainless steel plate freezer in frozen, and refrigerator stick together. And we need to quickly clean up our refrigerator, we shall not don't want to sort out the frozen frozen plate as soon as possible. We rushed to get hard, is likely to be damaged and frozen plate freezer, to prevent this happening, we need a certain amount of skill to operate. We also often encountered in everyday situation, so we came up with some good ideas. We use warm water to soak a towel first, and then put towels soaked with lukewarm water freeze, thick ice is melting almost in a minute, it's much more than it used to be easy to take, be careful not to use very hot water, or hot towel would dare not use hand to touch. A: stainless steel ice bucket under regular service operation method: frozen plate of stainless steel was used stainless steel plate frozen related information for advantage
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