Stainless steel bottle system desk lamp to give workers JiuXun old man send lamp by hand

by:Xianke     2020-07-09

the old lee has a hobby, is to collect various has the characteristics of the stainless steel bottle used for homemade lamp. He has a desire to own manufacturing stainless steel bottle lamps for free to people in need. Placed in the home, through the east garden Mr Li the twenty or thirty various brightly colored stainless steel bottle. Every time the guests visit, Mr Li will give them a trick: both side in the fish tank, press the switch, the bottle at the top of the small bulbs immediately sent out all the light. 'These is I made of stainless steel bottle lamps, all of the combined total of how much light. 'Mr. Lee, making the main material of the lamp for discarded bottles, wire, switch, the light bulb. 'A lamp cost less than dollars. 'Mr Li said the bottle with family and friends to send, and from a nearby hotel to pick up. Three years ago, inspired by a magazine article, he had made from stainless steel bottles desk lamp. To the bottle, wires, switches and other materials synthesis of desk lamp, start with a cap and cut holes near the bottom of the bottle. Again with insulating screw lamp holder and cap together, connected to the lamp holder wire pull out from the bottom of the holes; Finally at the other end connected to the switch, socket, a light wine bottle lamp is made of. In order to do the lamp, he purposely bought punching machine, drilling, more than three years made a desk lamp, some stay at home for private use, more to the relatives and friends. Recently, Mr Li and he made a few bottle lamp, see the news know jinan as workers built collective dormitory, he will try to send them these lights for free. 'Is not necessarily the workers and other people in need to also go, as long as you really need, for they will do. 'Mr. Lee said the lamp in the process of use if switch and lamp holder has a problem, you can also find his replacement. If there is need to workers or other citizens li homemade wine bottle lamp, can call our hotline for registration, the amount is limited, we will according to the desk lamp order to Mr Li away. From to Paris: China stainless steel galleries at the Louvre!
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