Stainless steel bottle project collect money less harvest more

by:Xianke     2020-07-15

Chinese wine has a long history and The Times of wine, is various, too many things to see. Entering the stainless steel bottle wine collection, Tibetan friend in the sea of multifarious stainless steel bottles often, but can not grasp the direction, like dragonflies water flew west, east of hidden items also like 'fusion', neither the characteristic, and it is difficult to show results. So many collectors, think, think method, more and more people begin to realize centralized collection resources, focus on project is a good way. Wine in Liu Huailiu point of view, the shape of renovation, the variety is in recent years. Basically still in the early days after foundation of traditional bottle type, such as short neck round shoulder belly in bottle ( The plum bottle) , long exposure drum abdomen bottle neck ( Okho spring bottle) , flat bottles, bottle gourd, etc. Until China's economic reform and opening to the outside of the nineties of the last century, the pattern of the wine began to have sprung up with each passing day. Army play with many bottles, wine bottles into the era of the great development of flowers. First of all, from the shape, the bottle can be divided into traditional bottle, bottle shape and special-shaped bottle 3 kinds. So-called traditional bottle, namely reference porcelain bottle class name of the series, it can be divided into olive bottle, bottle gourd, plum, willow, okho spring, tree and wooden stick, etc. This kind of bottle occupies considerable proportion in the common bottle. And pictographic bottle, it refers to those species in accordance with the shape of the bottle and the generic form. Such as figures, animals, plants, rocks, buildings, transport, military weapons, etc. Its production but miao wei qiao, image is clear. As for special-shaped bottles, is refers to the independent, irregular, different shapes of bottles. Secondly, according to the material classification, can be divided into the stainless steel bottle, glass bottle, metal bottle, bamboo bottle bottles, paper, etc. With stainless steel and glass, among them the most. Stainless steel bottle, of course, such as the blue and white, celadon glaze color also can be divided into, colorful, color powder enamel, bucket, white glazed, black glazed, yellow glaze, such as green glaze, blue glaze and red glaze, and so on. Through this classification, we also see not hard, wine collection is a huge system engineering, a comprehensive collection difficult to achieve, to establish collection project can achieve the target, not only spend less money, yield can also be larger. So, how to make wine collection project? Liu Huailiu think special collection is specific to a particular category or a series of single collection of wine. For bottles of friends, it is out of the restriction of space, and has certain operability and successful probability is bigger also. Collection and specific choice which one or which a few kinds of wine as a collection of project, Liu Huailiu Suggestions can be considered from three aspects. First of all, the principle of interests. Interest is the introduction to the teacher, the hobby decided to collect direction. Didn't have a special collection of interests, it is not possible in daily life care for the collection, and searching for them, for collection. Second, pay attention to characteristic principle. Make special collection can not blindly follow suit, tracking, and should according to their history, art, and deep understanding of the market, with a unique path, pay attention to the characteristics, tend to have a windfall. Again, follow the principle of signals. Worldwide in their economic ability to selectively special collections, if economic strength is strong, you can purchase hide a rare class of wine; While if the resources are limited, can choose wine is rich in special category, can spend less money have a system to collect. China into the world to go to from eight sides
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