Stainless steel bottle packaging multi-pronged strategy

by:Xianke     2020-07-12

stainless steel bottle packing has been positioned in the high-end wine market. In general stainless steel bottle both in technology and fraud is much higher than that of ordinary glass bottles. In the past few years, high-speed development period in high-end liquor, stainless steel bottle got a wide range of market application. Some domestic stainless steel manufacturers began migrating onto the stainless steel bottle packaging market. However, as the liquor market encounter cold, stainless steel bottle positioning high-end liquor packaging impact and has the greatest impact. Facing the current difficulties we think should be targeted to adjust market strategy. The first aspect is the horizontal strategy. Not only in liquor, wine, rice wine market, stainless steel bottle should be actively involved, even cosmetic, beverage and other kinds of packaging are also should be actively involved. Second, is to adjust the stainless steel bottle of technology and cost, mid-range wine packaging market is also the past stainless steel bottles did not get their hands on, the market is very big also, lower costs, improved process if the stainless steel bottle also has a lot of opportunities in this market. Third, is to continue, high-end stainless steel bottle market high-end wine packaging market more than stainless steel bottle is a packaging material, stainless steel bottles in high-end liquor market competitiveness is also very necessary. Stainless steel bottle only multi-pronged dilemma in the current market turning crisis into opportunities. Andy Warhol (Absolut limited signed a bottle
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