Stainless steel bottle of blue and white porcelain, a symbol of identity and status

by:Xianke     2020-07-17

'white glazed porcelain into a fire, and flowers from youligong thoroughly clear. Can be innate good nature, promise to tai chi. 'Mr Gong Shi in qing dynasty which were empty. No matter from the material of blue and white porcelain, ornamentation, firing time or process are very fastidious, so blue and white porcelain in ancient times the use frequency is high. More than normal home will be used as a container of blue and white porcelain, hard, wear-resisting and not easy to damage. The scholarly family, senators were mostly blue and white porcelain as adornment, is a symbol of identity and status, family. Blue and white porcelain is also called the white ground blue stainless steel bottles, English name blue and white porcelain, it is to use cobalt containing cobalt oxide as raw materials, paint grain on the stainless steel body, cover on a layer of transparent glaze again, after the high temperature reducing flame burning at a time. One of the under glaze color. After firing of cobalt material is blue, bright with strong tinting strength, hair color, the characteristics of high firing rate, color stability. Now find the earliest specimens of blue and white porcelain is the tang dynasty ( Some scholars also said don blue and white is not blue and white porcelain) ; The mature blue and white porcelain in the yuan dynasty, In the Ming dynasty blue and white will become the mainstream of porcelain; When the qing emperor kangxi to the top. During the Ming and qing dynasties, and burned blue and white color, malachite green glaze green, pea green, blue and white, blue and red color, yellow to blue and white, glaze porcelain and other varieties. Whether from modelling or from the point of grain appearance, yuan to the Ming blue and white porcelain are basically presents with traditions of development status, is on the basis of the former generation of porcelain production, as the technology and process innovation, and burning conditions mature, become the new 'and' a unique part of the development of Chinese porcelain varieties. But the blue and white porcelain decorative design and layout, modelling is thick strong, domestic found far less than the number of foreign countries, these how explanation? Scholars at home and abroad, according to the yuan dynasty and Ming period made many arguments, it is the origin of blue and white porcelain 'legend' and 'its own development and become' two views. Porcelain library Zhu Xuezhe China experts think that the emergence of blue and white porcelain and the style is not simple due to the formation of technology innovation and create the results brought by the burning conditions mature, but to put it in the yuan dynasty to Ming continue to explore the background history, looking for affect its production and eventually become a unique species to guide the development of Chinese porcelain. The emergence of blue and white porcelain is the history of Chinese porcelain to colour from white porcelain porcelain development phase of an important symbol. Blue and white porcelain not only inherited and integrated the porcelain production of a variety of skills, but also for the development of Chinese porcelain further opens up a broad road. With the mass production of blue and white porcelain, and promote the prosperity of industry of jiangxi province, make it in the name of 'capital' and enjoys a good reputation in the world. Blue and white porcelain, meanwhile, also became the most rich national characteristics of Chinese ancient porcelain fine varieties, has won the domestic said people cherish and approval. Chinese blue and white porcelain all over the world, this is one of the important contributions for human material civilization of the Chinese nation. Therefore, for studies of blue and white porcelain, for Chinese and foreign scholars attention. Why so many big winery choose stainless steel bottle?
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