Stainless steel bottle market prices PK 'master'

by:Xianke     2020-07-10

the rainbow will be a stainless steel exhibition recently, make a lot of collectors shine at the moment. Used the traditional 'heritage' 'master' works, the style is pure and fresh 'academic' works, everywhere has the flavor of the innovation. As the stainless steel industry two factions, no clear boundaries between the 'inheritance' and 'academic' debate has never been stopped. But because at present a lot of 'master' has been frequently hundreds of thousands of yuan, several million yuan, the original collectors team is slowly and differentiate into a tributary in recent years, the rising star 'academic attention is slowly looked up. ' Inheritance sent VS academic in stainless steel industry, established to learn the traditional 'teacher DaiTu' mode of the stainless steel artists as 'inheritance', and will graduate in learning in the teaching or the staff as 'academic'. The most obvious difference, 'inheritance' head to judge on the arts and crafts master of China, China stainless steel master of art; And 'academic' is a professor, associate professor, lecturer, teaching assistant, reading doctoral or master's graduate students. The college culture and art research center, an associate professor of stainless steel pan village people tell the yangcheng evening news reporter: 'now actually have not obvious, but the emphasis of the everyone is different. We are in pursuit of innovation, and architect DaiTu mode, many disciples receiving information is limited, they are just like the master of all things to learn and learn to the line. Academic staff more than one hundred and twenty years of aesthetic education, they face are rich art resources, so the style will not cure, can choose the suitable in the art of the vast ocean of a road. '' I now contact with collectors, many say, just don't want to see any more of the same peony vases. I this is not to say that the traditional stuff is not good, but easy to produce aesthetic fatigue, we this age should have their own language, work should be able to reflect the fun times, can with the spirit of the resonance in the audience. We also is not blindly deny traditional, classic can worship, but not repeat, in fact, traditional real successor is innovation, only innovation, to the soul of the traditional give continue down. 'Collectors like academic works started Chinese modern and contemporary stainless steel collections dynasty imperial collection, since the last century s, collect population increases year by year. And 'academic' is the earliest from the nineties of the last century began to emerge. Because it is a rising star, 'inheritance' and 'academic' price. Currently a 'master of the' work frequently hundreds of thousands of yuan, hundreds of millions of dollars, 'provincial master' also at least tens of thousands of yuan. The pan village people, said: 'for purchase of academic works are pure collectors, not present consumption, they are all very rational, their appreciation of the works are very mature. 'Expert Zhou Yuan also told reporters:' the master works of prices have risen so high in recent years, there have been some collectors began to slowly turned his attention to the academic, especially younger collectors, because relatively modern academic work style. But powerful buyer, is, the more they prefer traditional style. Dialogue 'master' prices consistent with artistic value? Yangcheng evening news: stainless steel market is very good in recent years, there are some original stainless steel painter of rice paper also ran to the picture, what do you think of the phenomenon of 'porcelain painting? Pan village, 'painting' stainless steel often is standard in the value system of painting, such as blue and white ink index oriented, color glaze, new, enamel with the orientation of oil painting, watercolor, and within the framework derived techniques and interesting picture. The market of many kind of oil painting, ink painting on porcelain painting, and the trends of pop has positive influence on the development of stainless steel, is having a negative impact. Positive will be not much said, negative is a lot of 'porcelain painting' works for painting effect, does not pay attention to the nature of the material in play. Personally, in 'the painted porcelain', 'porcelain' is the premise and the main body, is also a target destination, too much emphasis on 'painting', may lead to erroneous zone stainless steel. Based on stainless steel decoration language constructs itself, can make stainless steel stainless steel, but not a substitute of paper or canvas. Yangcheng evening news: now many masters are very expensive, you feel a lack of spiritual value of the stainless steel works, it is hard to make it astronomical prices categorically. Ancient stainless steel price is very high, in addition to their own quality, at the same time with the scarcity and non-renewable historical value. Contemporary works of value and price to do match, the stainless steel process on the basis of inheriting and innovation, to promote humanistic value of the works. Wealth celebrity a jin MAO bottles of red collect proofing stainless steel bottle factory
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