Stainless steel bottle manufacturers should focus on the low-end market

by:Xianke     2020-07-20

stainless steel bottles in recent years has become the liquor companies choose the main form of high-end packaging. Like, longquan, and hunan LinLi more domestic stainless steel manufacturers also use this time to migrating onto the stainless steel bottle. Can say that the current stainless steel bottle development form is the best time ever. At present, around the stainless steel bottle manufacturer mainly in the high-end market, each manufacturer to build the high quality stainless steel bottle, stainless steel bottle cost price is higher than the glass bottle. In front of the stainless steel bottle market increasingly tend to be more competitive, we believe that diversity of market positioning, more conducive to survive in this market, and even to grasp the initiative in future market. At present, the low end of the stainless steel bottle market relatively are lacunae in the market, so to speak. Beverage market is mass consumer market, after all, although maotai, wuliangye, such as high-end liquor profits, but the spirit erguotou low-end liquor market is also a very good market sales. Reduce the market price of the stainless steel bottle, real-time capture the market blank, let the stainless steel bottle price close to the glass bottle, even lower than glass bottles, will win the opportunity in the market development. For stainless steel bottle enterprises, to realize clearly, the market capacity for high-end liquor market is exhausted one day, can realize this earlier, will win the market the initiative in the more distant future. Experts say the television treasure smashed has stainless steel treasures in China ( Figure)
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