Stainless steel bottle manufacturers in sugar and wine sign order

by:Xianke     2020-07-20
In the sunny in March, 2012 rum will be officially opened in chengdu, sichuan province into. Stainless steel bottle manufacturers to participate in, and set up the booth in sugar and wine will be the venue. Made of stainless steel bottle manufacturers entrants brought a lot of new products, and display new products and new technologies in front of the booth.
victory kyushu huatai stainless steel group co. , LTD. , on the enterprise will display the color of a company new opened a wine bottle, color stainless steel bottle, dozens of new moulds and selling liquor bottles and normal sample bottles, there are some stainless steel bottle caps and plastic bottle caps, etc. , this year against the ancient bottle caps and new developed golden urn cover, etc, the products displayed by dozens of liquor enterprises, and in the meeting when signing the annual order of stainless steel bottle and the bottle, bottle caps.
the sichuan chengdu rum will be fruitful for the stainless steel bottle manufacturers, not only makes and foreign wine recognize the bottle enterprises.
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