Stainless steel bottle factory recommended wine collection from five aspects

by:Xianke     2020-07-15

, ancient and modern, Chinese and foreign no wine no seats. In the international auction market, red wine has always been a key issue in the collection investment category. In recent years, almost comparable to those of Chinese liquor, wine with a long history and local characteristics, the audience become collectors pay close attention to the emerging field of widely. At present, as the auction market collection types of extension and connotation of mining, Chinese liquor outshine others, gradually become the collection market also in the 'flying off the' enduring. Since years, liquor prices rise, frequently collection investment value. Years, Beijing RongBao launched in the first phase of auctions handicraft miscellaneous pieces of maotai, though quantity is not much, but created a combination of the sell-through rate and price. In spring, Beijing Goethe [ Weibo] , Beijing changfeng respectively introduced special wine, brought up to %. (date) (month) (year), tianjin he autumn special famous Chinese liquors aging rendered in a year or so of jin fenjiu, fen wine factory predecessor 'YiQuanYong 'masterpiece', a rare, finally with ten thousand yuan price shock in the industry. Collection can drink, can investment, will also be able to give gifts, it is increasingly popular vintage wine auction. In a well-known white wine auction, maotai clinch a deal valence is ahead. In the spring of this year, Beijing Goethe surplus sweet launched 'breakup - — Special aged maotai 'to. Total one hundred million yuan price bring surprise viewers, full launch of a mark, nearly all bottles of each s maotai 'famous' whispering. Among the items, bottle production date of the last century s five-star moutai fetched his highest, with ten thousand yuan hammer, detonated. Produce a bottle of the date of the last century s five-star brand guizhou maotai, to. Ten thousand yuan, won the single bottle for the king's crown. In addition to the maotai, other liquor are colorful. In spring rolls out 'aroma miles - — The original places of special flavoring liquor alcohol ', an altar to produce date for years of original flavoring liquor alcohol altar, let collectors sit up and take notice. The wine net weight. To rise, base liquor degrees. % ( V/V) , collectors in pat on field are racing to sign up to hundred times as high as ten thousand yuan price dropping the hammer tuning. The spring roll out wuliangye, jiannanchun, luzhou aged pit tequ, Dong Jiu, fenjiu place such as the famous brand nectar and colleagues medicated wine health wine, also in the 'China wine' - — Local wine and health wine special performance is excellent, a mark,. Turnover of ten thousand yuan, for collectors to see the market space and investment opportunities. White wine collection in the field of expert introduction, collection of liquor from the degree, type, date, quantity and packing and so on aspects. As the saying goes, 'wine is Chen incense', but not all white wine is suitable for long-term storage, can only be stored for a long time the height of the pure grain brewing liquor, and wine are blended and become more, not suitable for long-term preservation, it is not suitable for collection. In general, only degrees above the liquor has the collection value. In the faint scent, maotai-flavor aroma in different types of liquor, such as in the most appropriate maotai-flavor liquor aging, bring to people taste to enjoy the best also, drinking the highest value, collect potential. In the year of production, with years of wine the most investment value. First of all, at that time, in the period of planned economy system by the supply of liquor is pure handmade, cellar storage after the factory for a long time, guarantee the quality of liquor. At the same time, the raw material of food and water pure sex, to ensure the quality of the liquor. The quantity and the packing is to determine the important factors of investment value. Supply co. , LTD. , the less standing crop of Tibetan wine the more precious. Has complete packaging of wine, including wine box, wine bottle, the bottle label, bottle caps, bottle decorations, more popular with CangJie, at the same time, the packing should be to be able to reflect exquisite technology and traditional Chinese wine culture is the best. XiaoChong liquor enterprises launched electronic traceability war production stainless steel bottle factory
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