Stainless steel bottle collection Tibetan friend life gradually into the city

by:Xianke     2020-07-15

stainless steel bottle collection arose in the nineties of the last century, is a 'young' collection varieties. According to collectors, the bottle collection efficiency, have produced a lot of bottle collectors, its future is promising. Stainless steel bottle is wine tools, has never been appreciated, people drink wine, wine bottle as scrap processing, a throw it, very pity. Especially some porcelain bottles, various modelling, color is also an assortment, is very has ornamental value. At present, the our city there are many Tibetan friends more or less to collect some old bottles. A Tibetan friend home is in possession of hundreds of yuan stainless steel bottles, mostly he nearly five or six years to collect, many of them are on the s and s old bottles, part is wuliangye, bamboo, fenjiu and other famous Chinese liquors, there is also a part of production around the local wine. Mr. Yuan told reporters, collecting old bottles originated in the original hid some wine in the home, he found many old bottle design are very chic, with the special historical background, especially some porcelain bottles, various shape, color is also an assortment, is very has ornamental value. Slowly, he began to interested in collecting bottles. On the bottle, he said, were recorded in the history of wine, allusions, producing area, a lot of information, such as the nature of the bottle is not only a tool to wine, wine culture carrier also has rich connotation. Bottle can reflect the culture grade of collectors is higher, because it contains the Chinese wine culture has a long history, synthetically reflects the long and splendid Oriental civilization. Reporter in the interview found that some Tibetan friends in stainless steel bottle collection is not systematic and professional. Suggestion, Mr. Yuan today bottle collectors collect gradually into life, bottle collection is a kind of play, is also a kind of hobby, but collect bottles negligence shall not be, should have three ideas: first, liquor and complex project collection value, is different from material to material, don't take on too much, should not be more greedy, must define a project at the start of the collection. Such as personalization historical figure bottles, scenic spot bottle. Second, the consciousness to high-quality goods refers to the so-called chic modelling, rich cultural connotation, and only a little, memorable. This kind of bottle collection is difficult, high cost, large appreciation of space. Such as 'welcome to Beijing', the national limit pin bottle, comes out is favored by collectors, when the market price yuan, has now expanded seven or eight times. Finally, to prevent 'bottle' for the shen to cater to collectors, some manufacturer specializing in the production of wine is not installed, only for collection of pseudo bottle, makes little sense to collection, low value. He said, the stainless steel bottle process is complex, high collection value, the glass bottle collection value is much less than the porcelain. Master works of haute couture stainless steel bottle is often great appreciation of space, is a favorite of bottle collectors. Yuan blue and white shochiku MeiWenMei figure stainless steel bottle bottles of drunk
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