Stainless steel art master Zhang Furong union elected vice President

by:Xianke     2020-07-11

during the 'two sessions' in zhuhai this year, the CPPCC members, shanxi xianglong black pottery arts and crafts co. , LTD. , general manager, chief technologist Zhang Furong tells a reporter, recently, the Chinese stainless steel industry association stainless steel master league was established in Beijing, Zhang Furong with a master of arts and crafts from all over the country, was elected vice chairman of the alliance. , chairman of the alliance for qin xilin, honorary President of the institute of stainless steel, professor, 'China ceramics' and 'journal of stainless steel magazine editor. Zhang Furong now for arts and crafts master of China stainless steel master of art, in Shanxi Province, black pottery art research institute at the Chinese academy of arts and crafts. He design of black pottery handicraft has won awards, and become the high-end cultural gifts. It is reported, China stainless steel stainless steel industry association master league, is launched by China stainless steel industry association and guide the stainless steel industry in the Chinese stainless steel master of art, arts and crafts master of China ( Stainless steel) Stainless steel professional well-known professor etc, art colleges, according to the principle of 'voluntary, equality, cooperation,' the establishment of a professional group. The organization devoted to the study of Chinese traditional history and culture of stainless steel, the development, and innovation of Chinese stainless steel art national and time spirit. The alliance is to follow the 'joint, self-discipline, innovation and sharing' the policy of China stainless steel art, from two aspects of practice and theory to construct the Chinese stainless steel platform for high-end research and creation. Master will be held after the alliance was founded, 'BBS', 'communication seminar' and 'works exhibition' and other activities, to explore the theory basis of Chinese stainless steel culture development, and domestic well-known professional institutions and the typical stainless steel manufacture stainless steel, stainless steel art practice and creation base, realize the value of theory of economic transition. The alliance will also set up stainless steel master of art works exhibition center in China, is committed to strengthening stainless steel cultural institutions at home and abroad exchanges and cooperation and establish the international status of China stainless steel culture and art, in order to enhance the overall level of stainless steel industry. In addition, the stainless steel industry association in China stainless steel on the arts council conference, Zhang Furong jiangzhou brand in our province and mud LinTao inkstone inheritance people together elected director and executive director of the writer. ( Reporter xiao-fang song)
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