spring bar tool to remove or fit watch bracelets and straps

by:Xianke     2020-06-13
The A & F 3-piece bracelet pin flush set comes in three sizes. 7 mm, . 8 mm and 1 mm.
They are made of stainless steel and placed in a plastic storage box.
The Bergeon Deluxe tool with reversible points and spatula forks offers one.
8mm push needle punch, bracelet and strap can be installed on the watch.
It has an angle fork of 4mm wide to provide utilization capability.
It is durable nickel plated and has a knurling handle that is not slippery to use.
It offers a Chuck and a 140mm length.
There is one replacement pin and fork for Bergeon.
8mm needle and 1mm fork.
It is made of stainless steel and is useful in removing various straps.
Bergeon spring Rod tool spare parts 3mm fork is a spare fork of standard size.
3mm wide, made in Switzerland.
The Bergeon spring Rod tool spare 1mm fork is a fine Swiss-made tool with a spare fork 1mm wide.
Spring Rod tool spare.
8mm pins have pins of standard size. 8 mm diameter;
Good quality, made in Switzerland.
It is packed with 1 pin or 10 pin.
The Bergeon spring rod removal tool thin pin is a tool that includes pins and forks.
It can be used to remove the pin.
The diameter is 8mm and the fork end is 1mm.
There are 10 packages for spare pins.
A spare fork is also provided.
In addition to the fine pin model, there is also a standard pin model in this spring Rod tool.
Use the Bergeon pliers to install the watch bracelet, which can be installed on the watch.
These pliers have high-quality aluminum castings.
They are easy to handle.
The width of the pliers can be adjusted to vary from 10mm to 30mm.
Pliers are locked by turning the screws.
For ease of use, this tool has a gap to position the fork to a 45 degree angle.
The Forks attached to these pliers are reversible;
They have spare forks.
Bergeon spare fork standard provides spare fork that can be used with pliers;
They are reversible and made of stainless steel.
The compact and economical spring Rod tool has a fork of 1mm and a push rod that is gradually thinner.
It\'s 8 cm long.
It is ideal to install the strap or bracelet on the watch at one time;
It can also be used regularly.
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