south australian service station bans reusable coffee cups — including its own

by:Xianke     2020-06-22
One of South Australia\'s largest takeout coffee retailers prohibits the provision of coffee in reusable cups and mugs --
Including its own brand container
More than 130 stores across the state.
In a document distributed by its staff, the running service station stated that the policy was introduced for safety reasons on the grounds that refillable containers were at risk of contamination.
But the ban has angered some consumers and environmental advocates, who say it runs counter to the trend of responsible consumption.
\"Running really made a big mistake and I think they underestimated how angry the South Australian people would be about it.
\"South Australia is a state known for doing the right thing with environmental protection.
\"As we can see in the waste war TV series with Craig recksell, Australia uses more than one billion discarded coffee cups every year, and most of the garbage or garbage is landfill.
\"Last year, the Adelaide council offered rebates to coffee shops and cafes to encourage customers to bring their own cups to prevent waste.
In operation, it continues to serve coffee in disposable cups and explains that its policy is designed to protect customers by preventing the spread of bacteria.
We can\'t control pollutants.
Bacteria, molds, viruses, foreign bodies, etc)
The company memo said.
\"There is a high risk of cross-transportation in foreign containers
They are contaminated when they come into contact with food preparation areas and equipment.
\"In a statement, a running spokesperson said the company would prefer to continue serving coffee in reusable cups and mugs.
\"We have had many incidents where customers bring dirty, unsanitary, contaminated cups,\" the spokesman said . \".
\"Recently, we had an incident where a customer brought in a glass contaminated with heavy metals.
\"SA Health has confirmed that it has no policy for reusable coffee cups.
Selling disposable containers under the C coffee brand, Dee said the ban raised the issue of a refund.
\"Will they give the money back to those who have bought those refillable coffee cups in good faith?
\"So many people feel strongly about it,\" the company said, and its commitment to investigating \"better solutions\" is \"exciting \".
\"We are aware that there are other more common potential health risks as we put coffee into the cup, and we cannot guarantee that these risks are clean and ready to use,\" the spokesperson said . \".
\"Some people are particularly sensitive to this risk, and they are also our customers.
It is difficult for us to accommodate washing cups.
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