Small workshops overcharging stainless steel wine bottles of cheap wine bottle disinfection: the footbath

by:Xianke     2020-07-09

the original price but two or three yuan a bottle of cheap wine bottle, the pusher churning out, becomes many best-selling premium beer bars, KTV, prices soared to over - Yuan/bottle, to turn over recent times. The dens of production and sales of falsely use another producer name address the high price of beer, law enforcement personnel on-site issued a seizure of decision, the case in the further investigation. Bottle disinfection: footbath with blisters on a bubble in the morning, after the masses to report, pledges inspect bureau in wuhan dongxihu district has superior branch of law enforcement personnel, immediately rushed to new brigade victory village, dongxihu evergreen street raids. Reach the person referred to in the production of dens, they found it houses has been closed. Law enforcement by the workers to open the door of the house, an enter a door deposit was found about a ( Ml (bottle) High empty beer bottle packaging, and also put some thing that has been filled, and the price of beer. Move down inside, put in a small room have a big bucket, three big footbath, floating in the footbath is wash beer bottles. Field workers said that these bottles are recycled to the high price of beer bottles, bottle a dip in the footbath, even if wash, and then you can direct filling of beer. Jin put the lotus ball of blue and white porcelain bottle customized retail wholesale stainless steel bottles of blue and white porcelain
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