Sichuan first private treasure wine auction filming on the 23rd

by:Xianke     2020-07-18

this month, sichuan first grade wine auction began filming will be, a number of rare private treasure wine will make its debut at the auction. It is reported that the auction launched by digital folk liquor collector, items for many years for its collection, taken fine wines will be in chengdu jinjiang hotel on this month on public display, began filming this afternoon. According to the famous auction main sponsors Huang Xi, take out the auction items, mainly for six gold flower in sichuan and part of the second-tier liquor brands, there is also a small amount of maotai and other foreign wine. These items, many is the famous and eighties last century, only a very few, many of the winery herself nor retained. 'Said Huang Xi, these items, every one can tell a story, is bearing the weight of the memory of a piece of history. 'Years ago, only a little more than tons of coordination of production, can survive is rare, the auction will be s lang appearance; The Yangtze river DaQiaoPai wuliangye, years to years, is in honor of wuhan Yangtze river bridge opened to traffic, in an auction in yibin, one bottle of the Yangtze river DaQiaoPai wuliangye, clinch a deal with the price of more than ten thousand yuan. 'Huang Xi is introduced, the auction, there will be dozens of bottles of the Yangtze river DaQiaoPai wuliangye. Huang Xi thinks, at present the private liquor collection is still in the initial stage, especially as the wine of sichuan province, a private collection of liquor is not much, white wine collection and larger development space. But Huang Xi said that the purpose of the auction is not in the auction itself, mainly is to folk strength, promote the development of folk wine collection, carrying forward the culture of sichuan liquor, to folk strength to promote the construction of Chinese liquor golden triangle. He said with the least, sichuan my wife a drink, often is a glass of dry, very few focus on the cultural history of wine, is the story of drinking manner is very extensive. While foreign wine, wine, pays attention to the promotion of culture, is good at history, storytelling, and face a lot of domestic consumers. 'We want to use a private collection of fine wine auction, to promote and nurture the folk wine collection, let more citizens know sichuan sichuan liquor, and let the citizens of sichuan liquor every hobby, will become a sichuan wine culture propaganda ambassador. 'It is understood that such private collection by the folk liquor sales, in sichuan province is the first time. China which runway, qin xilin
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