Shui jing fang vintage for false propaganda production stainless steel bottle manufacturers

by:Xianke     2020-07-10

'century business herald' reporter, on-site visit found that in shui jing fang full series of products, in the 'vintage', 'the 13th' name of super high-end products, and no sounds so long time. Years, chengdu swellfun shares jointly with the Chinese Academy of Sciences institute of microbiology, with traditional wine made from a special process, from years of 'live cultural relic site' - — Chengdu swellfun ancient pit mud, find, activation, rejuvenation, cultivate the special 'shui jing fang, bacteria', shui jing fang liquor daqu improved fermentation, high temperature and temperature in the song were mixed in proportion, the shui jing fang alcohol production. Subsequently, named after the archaeological sites in the whole product series, shui jing fang collection and the 13th swellfun arises at the historic moment. These two kinds of wine really hundreds of years ago? Reporter refer to the GB 'geographical indication product swellfun wine' the national standard. Its said, shui jing fang the base wine ages of not less than years of wine, liquor age not less than years, from raw materials into products of not less than years. This means that, as long as many factory in years, in line with the standard of wine is authentic swellfun wine. Standard also provides, shui jing fang wine base liquor and flavoring liquor storage in pottery jars old practice of time is the wine wine ages. Though they can't find swellfun collection and the 13th wine ages, but the research results show that this batch of modern production product must not have many years of history. At the same time, including collection, the 13th, shui jing fang series is not in ancient pits in the workshop production. Reporter on-site visit, the staff said: 'eight aged pit pool is useless now. We have done to protect, can use it when you are going to use it, there are three of them are alive. '' vintage essence is a kind of hype. 'Sichuan provincial brewing association officials say the country has been a lack of vintage acknowledgment and testing standards, let most liquor manufacturers have an opportunity, in order to profiteering, improve the image of the so-called high-end. Stainless steel colourful jing in wuxi city
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