should we ban paper coffee cups?

by:Xianke     2020-06-20
Paper coffee cups are prohibited. . .
I want paper cup coffee!
While I may agree that there is sometimes a place for paper cups and plastic covers, I do believe that coffee should be consumed from cups that can be cleaned and reused whenever possible.
But is it completely forbidden to use paper coffee cups?
I\'m not sure about it.
This is the way I choose to ban the middle zone of paper cups, I choose the middle zone not because I like paper cups (
The picture shown below this text is very ugly)
But sometimes you can\'t bring a mug because I\'m willing to hide it.
I don\'t think it would be reasonable to completely ban coffee cups made of paper or any other disposable material.
I definitely think, though, that if you drink coffee in a retail location and then, your coffee should be in a cup, the restaurant industry should do everything it can to do that!
The restaurant can support the program in two ways.
First of all, of course, as a matter of normal procedure, it is not just to provide reusable ceramic cups to customers who live in their facilities as required.
The ceramic mug should be the default service container.
Secondly, if people leave the hotel with drinks, they should do everything possible to attract people to carry and use reusable cups.
If that means you get it.
When you put a cup of coffee in your own travel cup, I think it would be a very good incentive.
The same principle applies when grocery stores charge for plastic bags. . .
This is enough for customers to bring their own bags from home and reuse them.
Charging for disposable cups will be a great incentive to opt-out.
Benefits of banning paper cups
Take the time to think about the benefits of eliminating paper cups for humans.
The complete elimination of disposable cups will reduce waste and reduce the huge impact of coffee cups on the garbage system and the planet.
Reduce the garbage that can be seen everywhere.
The drinks in the \"real\" cup taste better.
Disadvantages of banning paper cups
Now think about the negative issues involved in banning paper cups.
It is difficult for fast food restaurants to provide drinks to customers.
The necessity to carry your favorite cup with you.
If you reuse the Cup without proper cleaning, it will have an impact on your health.
The staff of the mug that was improperly cleaned.
Want a drink but no inconvenience to the Cup.
There are three options to consider in the campaign to ban paper coffee.
This can definitely achieve the goal of eliminating disposable cups.
The idea is easy to implement because it just eliminates the existence of the goods, but it is an extreme option that does not give consumers the opportunity to change their habits. A levy or tax.
This can probably reduce the use of disposable cups.
No one likes taxes, some bring a cup.
The proceeds from the tax can help pay for the cups used for recycling.
Deposit or return system.
This is a good idea, but a lot of people are not participating in the voluntary return system right now.
In addition, the return system requires an organized process and storage of more garbage.
Should paper cups and plastic covers be banned? -
A cup of coffee is definitely a storm!
This is a monkey brain lens designed to host a debate, not to pick a fight.
For everyone, this is an opportunity to share their views and a place to exchange ideas and discuss ideas.
In other words, a friendly discussion. . .
Now what do you think about banning the use of paper coffee cups?
Picture by Pleuntje.
You have three choices. . .
You can use a cup of coffee.
Just like they gave it to you in a coffee shop. . .
Or the ceramic mug you like.
Like a Starbucks cup. . .
Or you can use a travel cup.
I am not a paper cup that can be reused, very cool!
This is a hot porcelain cup with friendly environment and dishwasher!
Build up foam or paper coffee cups on your desk?
Is your trash bin full of takeout? out containers?
Consider a practical artwork and a fun and quirky alternative, I am not a reusable paper cup.
This mug is responsible for the environment, either as a regular mug or as a travel cup.
Your coffee will actually taste better than when you drink with this cup instead of plastic, rubber or stainless steel travel cups.
Taste coffee in a porcelain cup.
Practical ways to reduce the use of disposable cups.
As an eBay power seller, I am happy to help people find a Cup they are looking for and it is reassuring to know that most people prefer to drink hot drinks with ceramic cups. (
Voting on this page proves this fact! )
I am happy to be able to help people find the mugs they are looking for, whether they are collectors of the mugs or they just need to replace the mugs they have been using for years.
Please note that my cups all include free shipping in North America!
Photo by laur5785.
Please add your comments on this page here, but your \"voice\" about the top debate in \"It\'s your turn \".
How will you deal with the tax on disposable coffee cups? (
This is my favorite choice. )
Will you bring the mug yourself?
What do you think is the pros and cons of banning coffee cups?
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