Seized off the bottle 15777 3 counterfeiting dens were destroyed

by:Xianke     2020-07-13

cost only a few yuan, was sold to sell thousands of yuan, runs the risk of false wine windfall made outlaws. Zhuhai public security bureau joint municipal bureau of quality and technical supervision law enforcement personnel in nanping, near the mountain and LanBu before destroying a produce fakes dens, captured a major criminal suspects, the scene seized the empty bottle, counterfeit registered trademark logo, making fakes kg and counterfeiting tool of a batch of raw material wine. Three people have been detained. After investigation, the three dens mutually independent and contact each other, huang and Wu Mou substantial acquisition of empty the bottle and packaging, prices ranging from a dozen yuan to hundreds of yuan. Pingyuan two people from the acquisition of bottles, filling in nanping a concealed in the barrack fakes, in order to clear, he will add some domestic more than ten yuan a kilo of low-grade whiskey flavor. Lin mou metasomatism, his counterfeiting is only his personal dens, himself an hour can finish the bottle making false wine. Good wine bottle to endorse a beautiful bottle will talk
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