See someone hug 'uncle' call eldest brother drunk lun bottle smashed clay

by:Xianke     2020-07-09

mudanjiang XXL quite depressed. He was invited to the party by girlfriend girlfriends, drink very happy, but after five or six bottles of beer, glad to hug a uncle shouted 'eldest brother', prompting the same deskmate drunk people be jin. Be jin lun the beer bottle as XXL head smashed two times, the XXL is in the hospital, be jin administrative detention by the police. Chen and his girlfriend in mudanjiang city received a phone call, his girlfriend girlfriends invited the two of them went to a karaoke bars to drink, with two of his uncle. Chen two people invited to happily. After the karaoke bars, Chen to show welcome to two uncle, start drinking with a few people take turns, and met his girlfriend on the wine table girlfriends boyfriend be jin. After more than an hour, more than ten bottles of beer by several people drank. Chen felt familiar with each other, and drank a little more, uncle began to hug two vomiting-inducing toasts. To the first man, Chen Shouting 'uncle', respect to the second man, the XXL is called 'eldest brother'. Which had just introduce two uncle jin mou of discontent, to say the 'how do you don't understand the difference between your generation', and then picked up a bottle even hit the head XXL two times. When others quickly to stop the fight, but have bigger jin mou temper, also beat the indiana a few people. Was hit by a bottle, XXL awake many, while covering her head, and call the police. Yangming branch after police arrived on the scene, will hit persons jin mou back to the police station, the wine innings collapsed. At present, the illegal behavior person be jin administrative detention by the police. Jiangxi stainless steel 'hold tens of thousands of' careful fake price double trap
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