Second-hand bottle is not worth the who is to blame

by:Xianke     2020-07-20
Released in China & other; Disable public funds to buy wine & throughout; Rules, some liquor prices declined. Wine price cut, the bottle also follow down is value, maotai prices & other; Blow & throughout; The maotai wine bottle recycling the racket. Since the Spring Festival, just two months, maotai wine bottle recycling price to RMB from reap a worthless, no one.
a few years ago hundreds or even thousands of yuan of maotai empty bottles, in in the recycling of waste recycle bin slighted is normal, because the main recycling empty bottle filling purpose is secondary, the recycle bin without access to relevant sales channels, worthless in their eyes.
to hear someone say & other Years later the maotai dropped prices too much, bad wine sold and empty bottles, so we have to give up recycling empty bottles. ” East of guangzhou ferry bridge groom the recycling of the road shop owner told reporters that in recent years, the price of maotai fry it.
of course, it also heralds a bubble. In the Spring Festival this year, for example, first new 53 degrees flying maotai take cost is controlled in 1900 yuan/bottle, broke through the retail price 2400 yuan/bottle. Retail price is 1780 yuan, now than when the cost is low. Since the Spring Festival, more than two months time, maotai prices fell by more than six hundred yuan, the momentum is not good.
besides maotai, other liquor liquor bottle also have such a situation, publish such provisions of the state is a reasonably, which protect the interests of the state, also make wine can't find the sales channel.
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