SanJin bottle is the collection of home

by:Xianke     2020-07-16

SanJin earth hundreds of wine lovers are no longer just the charge since the Tibetan, entertaining, has just set up wine collector association professional committee, Shanxi Province to make everybody has a rich collection and exchange experience, research history, and culture collection. Yesterday, two in linfen and JiShan Tibetan friend call for membership, hope to meet more bottles of friends, exchange more bottles, learn more knowledge. Shanxi wine has a long history and profound wine culture. With years of brewing history apricot blossom village is the birthplace of the Chinese original wine culture, wine from pottery, bronze ritual vessels to magnetic state kiln bottle, black glaze, shanxi ancient wine occupies an important position in the history of the history of Chinese wine culture. Especially in the last century s shanxi porcelain bottle, has had a huge impact, loved by Tibetan friend, is the national wine experts praised as a 'milestone in the development of Chinese modern wine'. In recent years, a batch of wine collection enthusiasts in the province in the national influential, founded by firms and households which itsdifferent wine museum. Fenjiu group vice President of public welfare fund council, founded by Mr Hou Qingquan dealmaker chateau wine appliances collection, no matter from the first floor scale, collection class in a handful of the country. On establishment branch, he extended with wine and congratulations to the Chinese and foreign cultural association chairman Mr Fu-min li reached cooperation expand the collection. Is known as 'the first person of shanxi bottle collection' Mr Yang Ximing thinks, is the home of collection, to make pure personal hobby, ascend to the cultural level of the collection, to let more people love wine in shanxi, understand SanJin history. Retire cadres at the age of summer rain forest old man excitedly said the collection bottle brought him in later life happiness, friendship and memory, to join the association, and in the wider exchange, bottles of friends, and increasing the collection, rich knowledge. Collect the first hand the shepherd boy Mr Bull fenjiu bottle etc Lv Ze believes that collection can enrich their own lives better, association will let more friends share happy collection. Collect association vice President, treasurer, secretary-general Xu Rejun province hope everyone with collection, appreciation, knowledge and explore, for the purpose of service, activities as the carrier to organize more Tibetan friend, to carry forward the SanJin wine culture play a positive role. The old factory goods at value among China
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