River's lake sinister cannot be expected to collect rich overnight

by:Xianke     2020-07-19

in China, the river's lake sinister, now subject to a knife. Not a knife, in addition to its own kung fu hard outside, more important is to don't want to collect rich overnight. If there is such a greedy thought, I'm sorry, comrade, please cooperate, first raised his hands, or into the police station, or pocket money are all delivered up, willing to 'dirty' auction company and do the bureau 'engineering ceramics dealer'. Ok, the rest is not what you, hide in the corner at the room full of worry replicas. In China, you have the big cash, if no whoring, no gambling, no drugs, only play with culture and high culture is nothing more than to travel, opera, drama, antiques and calligraphy and painting, you can the antique market, also can spend money to buy some film specimens, the old PuPin what introduction to upgrade to play first. But you can not think right before one's eyes are 'national treasure' to spend a lot of money and being chased more don't believe you don't give up the 'grave shovels,' the real national treasure that is has the unique eyesight and the financial resource, or is a special channel to circulation. More don't believe in some auction companies, institutions, retirement or on-the-job 'medical prescription' experts and what machine fool, because that is a cover, let you pay focus, fee, storage fee, word, cheat you of money is the absolute principle. This year in ethics, integrity in lordaeron, can make money is the most glorious 'Chinese elite', who he is or abducted to blackmail. In China, do not believe is a blue-and-white yuan all values. Billion, is a five kilns are tens of millions. Real full of yuan blue and white, after all, very rare, can sell a lot of money of yuan blue and white is even rarer. More don't believe the yuan blue and white only, or believe yuan blue and white and the land is, should be to open a is a. You do not think that only yuan yuan dynasty blue and white, and red, blue and white youligong, youligong red and green color, colorful, color brown spot, black glaze, opal glaze, glaze the pivot office, drain lines, beaded, porcelain, plastic, etc varieties. In China, you can make collection, also can literally play really fake, but you can not directly donate 'national treasure', in the name of charity to donate you also have to turn it into money to donate, or donated unit for storing your collection and feeling the pinch, then are not funny. In China, his collection you can play on your own, don't take it as valuable national treasures for friends or a leader. Don't take it as a bargaining chip to bribe others more. Because even the priceless treasure, who can know him, after all, few can identify their true cultural relics experts is limited. These days, the cultural relics appraisal of chaos as the three countries, who can be the boss, who had not. Lane is bad to will himself and peril. The stainless steel industry is when to start
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