revolution in a coffee cup: vancouver event aims to reduce waste

by:Xianke     2020-06-19
Vancouverites throw months.
According to a recent report from the City of Vancouver, there are 6 million paper coffee cups per week, and the owner\'s project says they have a solution --
Put a deposit on the Hot Cup.
The organization is holding its fourth annual coffee cup revolution and has set up
On Monday, we temporarily arranged a day\'s event to show Vancouver what it looks like to recycle coffee cups.
\"Coffee cups are recyclable now, so if you put them in residential garbage, they will be recycled, but the quantity is small because most people use their cups on the street, \"When they go to work,\" said Anna Goldford, director of the biners program.
Do you want the paper coffee cup to be charged back?
The City of Vancouver is getting closer and closer to banning coffee cups, and the foam container she told CBC\'s earlier version of host Rick Clough that the event helped push the conversation about recycling.
Last year, Binas collected nearly 50,000 cups in a few hours on the streets of Vancouver.
Binner takes the cups to the recycling bin, as with other recyclable items such as aluminum cans or glass bottles, in exchange for cash.
The owner\'s project is 5 cents per cup.
\"The sad reality is that the problem is not just the waste around the coffee cup, but also the poverty in Vancouver,\" said Godefroy . \".
\"There are a lot of people who rely on recycled materials to survive, so we believe that through deposits. . .
On the cup, you can solve these two problems.
\"The Vancouver refundable deposit Cup on board is an option for the City of Vancouver to consider as part of a single --
Use Item reduction plan.
In a consultation report last month, support for the coffee cup revolution was listed as an action taken by the city to reach zero. waste goal.
\"It took us a few years to get the city involved in the event, and now they are very eager, so the next step is to get B. C.
Said Godefroy.
\"We hope that this day of the year will help in dialogue with the government.
\"At the same time, the city has begun to solve the problem of reducing single garbage.
Use the project for public consultation and comment before mid termDecember.
The coffee cup revolution is taking place on Monday, October. 16 from 11 a. m. to 2 p. m.
In Victory Square
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