revealed: how pretty copper mugs used for cocktails like the moscow mule could give you food poisoning

by:Xianke     2020-07-02
One of the most popular drinks of 2017 is the Moscow mule: a refreshing mix of vodka, ginger beer and lime juice.
The appeal of the cocktail is largely due to its regular availability on Instagram --Friendly coppercoloured mugs.
But now the State Department is warning that if these beautiful ships are not made specifically for cocktails, they may give you food poisoning.
The Alcohol and Beverage Department from Iowa has sent a clear message that copper and copper alloys are toxic if consumed.
When these metals come into contact with food or drinks with a pH value of less than 6, copper may leak into edible substances and may be accidentally consumed.
\"High concentrations of copper are toxic and have caused food poisoning,\" the warning said.
Moscow Mules have a pH value well below 6, which is why Iowa and several other states have issued warnings because these cocktails are usually served in copper cups.
S. Food and Drug Administration\'s ethical food law, Iowa and many other states in the United States have passed, and copper alloys have been banned from exposure to food with a pH value of less than 6 because there is a risk of poisoning.
However, this does not mean that you can never drink a Moscow mule with a copper cup. If a copper-
The colored mug is lined with another metal, such as nickel or stainless steel, then the copper can\'t leak into food or drink and give you food poisoning.
But before you start drinking, it\'s important to check if your boat has a lining.
The Alcohol and Beverage Department wrote in a public warning: \"copper cups lined with another metal (such as nickel or stainless steel) inside are allowed to be used and can be used widely.
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