Reveal an technology of protection and restoration of coloured drawing or pattern

by:Xianke     2020-07-16

this month, after years of qin shihuang terracotta army for the third time the no. 1 pit excavations once again attracted the attention of the world. Much more than square meters excavated area of unearthed relics. Pottery figurine, nails and other fine point pupil found traces of coloured drawing or pattern gives people infinite daydream, many years ago, these terracotta figures the how gorgeous colorful stainless steel bottle net WWW. hy。 com。 To protect the tomb figures on the remaining few coloured drawing or pattern, the researchers conducted a study for many years, 'as long as the figurines of excavated now coloured drawing or pattern, we have to protect it. 'Said the chief engineer Zhou Tie terracotta museum. About qin shihuang terracotta warriors coloured drawing or pattern of a widely circulated legend: 'the original terracotta warriors colourful, but buried in the dark run into the light again after so many years, their pigment was fade away within a few minutes. 'This is the discovery channel in the early years of the documentary' the tomb of the qin dynasty terracotta warriors 'in the passage. That is the case? 'The situation is not the case. 'Ceramic coloured drawing or pattern, deputy director of state administration of cultural heritage key scientific research base for the protection of cultural relics Xia Yin told reporters, the journal of science and technology over the years, actually clay pit had smashed up, fire, flood, such as plus years deep underground erosion and other natural factors, most of the unearthed terracotta warriors is not colorful, not only more or less obvious color. The remaining remnants preservation is not easy. Difficult is difficult in the army, the special process of coloured drawing or pattern: first in ceramic body surface coated with raw lacquer, brush in raw lacquer layer on the mineral pigment. After the han dynasty pottery figurine making in our country is no longer used raw lacquer rendering. Clay figures of raw lacquer paint protection to bring special problems. Unearthed terracotta, mineral pigments and raw lacquer layer have been aging, raw lacquer layer and is sensitive to moisture, once the water loss will shrink sharply, crack, case become warped, curly, dragging the coloured drawing or pattern from the ceramic body together. How to reinforce the raw lacquer layer, becomes the key to protect and repair coloured drawing or pattern. S of sino-german cooperation, at the beginning of last century on clay figures painted to protect onto the fast track. Years, Bavaria cultural relic protection and administration bureau of shaanxi province signed a deal to cooperate army, cultural relic protection technology research, mainly including clay pit ruins of soil reinforcement, clay figures painted rocky armor repair technology, and an analysis of reinforcement and repair technology improvement. Method of cooperation is both the exchange of personnel, the German side to provide funds and equipment is given priority to, China to provide color clay samples and research plan. Comprehensive research systematically and reveals the hierarchical structure of the coloured drawing or pattern, material composition, process and damage mechanism of coloured drawing or pattern. In using the modern analytical means to reveal the damage mechanism under the premise of coloured drawing or pattern, determine the two sets of effective protection methods: one is to use anti-wrinkle agent and reinforcing agent combined processing method, namely, PEG and PU joint processing method; A monomer penetration, reinforce the protection electron beam radiation polymerization. Years, for the first time use the first method to protect the whole figurines of coloured drawing or pattern. Then the technology was applied in order YangLing, qin shi huang PeiZangKeng unearthed painted pottery figurine protection treatment. With anti-wrinkling agent and reinforcing agent united protection law of color, has almost no color change, including the famous 'green face'. For clay reinforcement technology, coloured drawing or pattern Zhou Tie is confident, has overall repair color more, including some of the han and tang dynasties era of color figures. By these years, the army, national prize for progress prize in science and technology museum holds back the certificate; By these years, terracotta museum be ceramic painting state administration of cultural heritage of cultural relics protection key research base, to undertake domestic ceramic painting research task of the protection of cultural relics. Recently, care the restoration of interior, from the shandong qingzhou xiangshan writing several pieces of painted terracotta figures is lying on the table to accept a facelift. Xia Yin introduces, in recent years, the use of previous research results, the researchers expanded experiment was carried out at the scene of the archaeological excavations, developed a set of site protection technique, is more successfully to protect a batch of painted pottery figurine. Also in the long-term observation for its durability. In addition, also strengthened the study of coloured drawing or pattern process, in design of coloured drawing or pattern, coloured drawing or pattern painting technique reconstruction was carried out by aspects such as the new explore and try. In the blue colour paint, especially the han han when the purple pigment, pigment mixed glue and materials used in the aspects of more in-depth research. 'Protection techniques and materials is not once and for all, also need to constantly improve and upgrade. 'Xia Yin said. Years, terracotta museum and bear the national science and technology support plan project 'key technology research' protection of cultural relics unearthed ceramic coloured drawing or pattern, conducting ceramic painting relics were unearthed in the archaeological site vulnerable emergency protection key technologies research. Focus on the organic material such as silicon, natural materials, nano materials, r&d archaeological site has controlled removal characteristics of solid shape material and its implementation process; Archaeological sites protection processes and rules, the establishment of ceramic materials science evaluation system for the protection of cultural relics and to formulate the corresponding standards, make ceramic painting relics were unearthed in the archaeological site in our country to protect the key technical breakthrough, and implementation of science and technology demonstration protection and popularization and application. 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