Recommended - stainless steel bottle factory The Hong Kong girl allegedly smuggled antiquities in Argentina

by:Xianke     2020-07-10

Hong Kong to Argentina play girl, came last week at the local being betrayed imprison and ransom, but it is said that they may be involved in smuggling antiques. According to Taiwan 'central news agency' reported that Hong Kong girl with another young men to Argentina in the day, they through the mobile phone to Hong Kong friends and relatives for help, said in a local man prisoner and ransom million dollars. Girl's family members of Hong Kong, report to the police for help, but in the day to send senior police officer to assist in the investigation and local save, during the local Chinese embassy also provide assistance. Day, two girls were rescued. According to the Hong Kong media reports, the two girls had imprisoned in Argentina, national treasure may involve multinational smuggling cultural relics. Argentina, was quoted as saying the police investigation, according to them to get free travel from Argentina to pay hk $ten thousand, and divides carrying suspected priceless antique vase and calligraphy and painting to Argentina. But after they arrived in Argentina, receiving the Chinese gangs refers to the vase is broken, so hold their passport and imprison blackmail. And according to the report, the two girls were rescued, the key is the Hong Kong police provides a good information, and the use of super computer, the position of the track to teenage. In the process of case, Argentina police have a good impression to the police officer in Hong Kong. This is the first time the Argentine police cooperation with Hong Kong police force. GangJing provided to each other in the process of the young girl upload photos of imprison the scene around social networking sites. Hong Kong police and the use of super computer overseas to pursue the girl's cell phone, with photos and the Argentine capital, Buenos Aires, D map analysis, successful locking girl imprisoned in the house, and then provide the information to the police. Teenager is expected to return to Hong Kong later. Manual painting landscape figure art colorful stainless steel bottle
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