Reasonable range of values for the color bottle breakage

by:Xianke     2020-07-21
Color bottle belongs to a kind of stainless steel bottle, also has the shortcoming of easily damaged, so in the process of transportation, under the influence of uncontrollable factors such as transportation state, cause it is not unusual for color bottle is broken, but the damage after damage is manufacturer or customer? Aimed at the problem related departments also made the corresponding provisions of the state; This bottle factory related personnel then detailed talk about the problem of color bottle breakage to the home.
the relevant provisions of the state to make clear that allows such fragile, 3% of the damage rate, that is to say, breakage has not reached 3% of the total, the loss is borne by the customer, and on the contrary if beyond, is borne by the manufacturer,; Breakage rate of increase, of course, for manufacturers, not only caused the waste of resources, costs, and credibility maintenance also can produce adverse effect to the enterprise; For the customer, will also take some economic loss, even will allow customers to manufacturer to produce bad impression; About color bottle transportation damage rate control, factory has been working hard to improve, and strive for to low breakage rate, to safeguard the common interests of customers and manufacturers.
according to the 3% damage rate prescribed by the state, victory kyushu huatai stainless steel bottle factory to protect the interests of the client, will be 3% of the breakage claims dropped to 1%, as long as the damage rate of more than 1%, the manufacturer will bear some loss, so that the interests of the broad customers get the safeguard; If you also want to know about the other questions, welcome to our factory for free advice phone 400 080 4484.
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