Quanzhou again now in southern dynasties tomb: 13 pieces of unearthed casualties of jing is colourful

by:Xianke     2020-07-16

found the tomb of li & fung states taoyuan village sites, archaeological team is what cleaning excavated tomb. Tomb, there are dozens of meters high from ground, the whole tomb, was 'convex' glyph structure. This is a single tomb, tomb wall hanging tree roots, soil has been cleaned up. In archaeological staff under the guidance of, the reporter saw the tomb bricks are printed on a variety of exquisite patterns, there are ancient COINS, gas comb, sees exquisite patterns. Local villagers, told reporters that tomb in the mountains named 'black stone mountain,' is there a project will be built in this place, so when it found the tomb, they immediately reported to the antiquities authority. Quanzhou museum director Thomas chan said that on the source and the receiving masses to the cultural relics department for instructions, disentombs team immediately. After a day of cleaning, archaeological experts comprehensive brick tomb, tomb shape, size and ornamentation and glaze color, TaiZhi unearthed artifacts, preliminary appraisal in the late burial. A sacrificial pretty fine after cleaning, the archaeological team in the tunnel excavated ancient tomb pieces of porcelain and pottery. Quanzhou museum of archaeology, director of Fan Jiaping, said yesterday the discovery is 'harvest', because of the tomb, basic intact, unearthed artifacts are articles for daily use, pretty nice, and typicality. Especially a lamp is impressive. This lamp is at the bottom of the green glaze, glaze color bright, high quality. According to introducing, burial in the southern dynasty mostly to outlaw the daily life of products made of stainless steel models, buried in the tomb, therefore, from the tomb dug in the bowl, plate, stainless steel, such as cultural relics oven, no surprise. Were or for the cremation of class 'these one thousand tombs were, life is generally. 'Archaeological researchers is introduced, the characteristics of quanzhou ancient tomb is less casualties, gold and silver jade unearthed from the tomb is rare, and the tomb was buried at the time already to' substantial amount ', suggesting that either rich or expensive MuZhuRen identity. Thomas chan pointed out that were supposed to have plenty of family circumstances, and has certain status, is likely to be the central plains cremation of class. In not far from the crown of the archaeological team have mountain cleared tens of tombs, unearthed from the hundreds of eastern jin to fine relics of the six dynasties. According to understand, before tang quanzhou called wu yeongju, political, economic and administrative center is located in the abundant state, business people abundant state at that time, the important economic town of south famous. 'Southern dynasties tomb discovery has positive significance to the study of minnan culture, especially in the area of the formation and development of funeral customs provides a physical basis. 'Says Thomas chan. More than ten people join excavating and robbing sites team being caught
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