Qiqihar ceramic creation completion base

by:Xianke     2020-07-12

qiqihar ceramic creation base completion ceremony held at the peninsula international hotel. Soil in the northeast culture and stainless steel which is culture is the new communication platform. Province light industry management office, deputy inspector, arts and crafts society of hu, qiqihaer city CPPCC vice chairman wang xp, zhuhai people's political consultative conference, the CPPCC vice chairman of academies, dean of chang-sheng Chen, secretary-general of the CPPCC Wang Jinlin, province stainless steel institute, province stainless steel industry association executive vice President and secretary general shao-ping liu, province, arts and crafts corporation general manager, chairman of the association of arts and crafts of jiangxi province in Li Juan, Feng Jie, of arts and crafts master of China arts and crafts master of China, liu wei, China stainless steel design master Hou Yibo and heilongjiang provinces and jiangxi each big news media reporter to witness the inauguration of the base. Qiqihaer city learn mission committee, deputy director of the Chinese people's political consultative conference literature and history, arts and crafts association deputy secretary-general, qiqihar in heilongjiang province stainless steel creation base Liu Yanlong, founder of the chair. Liu Yanlong said in an interview, since July, during the spring and autumn every year, qiqihar painters and artists, stainless steel back and forth many times in qiqihar and between two cultures. Through the invited artists to qiqihar art exchange, make artist of crane city culture and local conditions and customs of this piece of land and has developed an interest, has formed the dual cultural art exchange platform for the virtuous cycle. And merchants on the development of qiqihar Ian stainless steel industry and stainless steel art talent cultivation for integrated propulsion, with jiangxi province light industry office and stainless steel of arts and crafts of jiangxi vocational technical college, signed a long-term training and key of recruit students of qiqihar student cooperation agreement. Both for the future prosperity and development of the culture and art as well as Ian stainless steel industry development laid a solid foundation. Creation base set up to promote academic exchange and cooperation with qiqihaer city, the construction of the arts and crafts, both rich people's life, carry forward the national culture, promote the development of the arts and crafts industry, will play a positive role in promoting. Learned, after five years of art exchange, the reception for both artist and painter times, on the base of production of stainless steel pieces of art, both large art exhibition, and established the qiqihar now has a membership of arts and crafts association, cultivate crafts people, provincial senior arts and crafts technicians, arts and crafts master of province, country and province gold and silver award. Qiqihar stainless steel creation base is divided into number pavilion, pavilion and lushan sketch base. Yu stainless steel technician to participate in the dissertation
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