Putian imported wine butch bottle will stick identification code

by:Xianke     2020-07-16

putian imported wine on the surface of the illusory, and liquor quality is uneven, how to choose and buy to safe, high quality imported wine to the consumer choose and buy has brought certain problems and doubts. Reporters yesterday visited the imported wine for this putian inspection and quarantine inspection and quarantine supervision department. The bureau relevant responsible comrades, to strengthen follow-up supervision, imported wine contain import mix alcohol, they are now is helping to fujian, inspection and quarantine bureau to develop a set of identification code recognition system in advance to wine importers of every bottle of imported wine with a special barcode, when consumers can through the mobile phone short message or a related website, realization of imported wine from foreign exporters to importers in link of quality and safety and other relevant information. According to introducing, this set of identification system is based on government affairs outside the network cloud computing platform, development and deployment of import food safety traceability supervision subsystem, application of imported food safety traceability subsystems and data synchronization subsystem, and implement docking with the food traceability public platform of fujian province. More importantly, imported wine identification code identification system will implement the food exporters from abroad to domestic importers link quality safety traceability information, provide technical support for the unqualified product recalls. At the same time, also convenient for consumers to the product quality and safety information query, to hit the fake and shoddy food, to carry out the system of imported foods sales records, improve supervision effectiveness. City in recent years become wine imports and consumption market, imported wine consumption continues to grow, large quantity of imported wine $years alone. According to putian inspection and quarantine bureau statistics, wine imports are still on the rise this year, month of the year, after passing the bureau inspection and quarantine of imported wine, $, % and % year-on-year growth. Imported wines are based on the original bottle, no bulk wine imports, mainly from the United States, Argentina, Croatia, Italy and other countries
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