Purified liquor market is the duty of the bottle factory

by:Xianke     2020-07-21
The liquor market and the serious problem of counterfeiting, counterfeits in order to hit the fakes, 'while the national related measures for the relevant part, but in the face of the frontal profit, some lawless personnel or take risks, make fakes is still illegal to sales, and in order to obtain illegal profits; In order to purify the liquor market, the bottle factory will refuse to cooperate with these illegal workers, and make a their own efforts to purify liquor market.
according to reports, the current portion of the fakes are composed of liquor blending, which will not only cause harm to human body, and the liquor that can disrupt the market order and affect the normal sales of the products qualified liquor; But this part of the wine in addition to using the market recovered to stainless steel bottle for packing, will also take the initiative to find some stainless steel bottle factory cooperation, and make the stainless steel bottle factory provide packing support for its fakes, so the stainless steel bottle factory related personnel must pay attention to identify when receive orders, if the use of stainless steel bottle is used to make wine, so must be refused to cooperate with, when to take a certain means, take the initiative to report with related departments, so that not only protect the interests of the consumers, but also safeguard the interests of the bottle factory, illegal workers arrogance, to thoroughly purify the liquor market to make an effort.
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