Processing technology of frozen disk

by:Xianke     2020-05-23
Frozen disk is a kind of holding international food such as meat, aquatic products such as food and beverage industry the necessary container, in food storage, insurance, transportation link usage is very large, the current domestic frozen plate production need people to help complete together, why do you say so, here are the answers: frozen plate production need many people together to assist to complete. I. e. , a rotating disk, screw pressure main template ascension movement, after being the main pressure templates to specify height, the other workers will sheet metal into the mold, and by four die workers respectively rotating disc frozen long pressure template and a short while cold plate mold under pressure template long side and short side. A processing technology of frozen plate needs by six men work together to complete, the worker's labor intensity, and low efficiency, big noise and pollution. Due to many people, many uncertain factors, scrap rate is higher also. Based on this kind of backward frozen plate production efficiency. We adopt advanced new frozen plate processing process, can realize automatic production of frozen plate, at the same time can improve the efficiency of production and operation safety, reducing noise pollution and reduce environmental pollution. A: on the ice bucket under the foundry method of a: stainless steel ice bucket material with antioxidant frozen disk information
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