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by:Xianke     2020-07-17

in one thousand, which has a long history, talents and heroes, produced by the kiln fire of one thousand generations of artists, stainless steel modern 'bead mountain eight friends', then there are the 'blue and white king' - — Wang, 'was' the porcelain carving - — Contemporary Zeng Long masters such as raw, and there are famous at home and abroad and professor of arts and crafts master of China. In times of reform and opening-up, young generation artists such as stainless steel spring, their youthfulness, quick mind, dare to explore, dare to break through, is full of creativity. Lai Dequan is one of the personality, achievement and influence, typical versatile artist of stainless steel. Masters Lai Dequan was born in stainless steel, and to study and expertise, in this piece of fertile land, in the rich cultural atmosphere under the influence of the stainless steel, get famous, benefit, is diligently enterprising, innovation, has made remarkable achievements, was named the national outstanding skills in the same industry. His works has won many national, provincial, municipal stainless steel art comparison the first, second and third prize, many times to Japan, the United States, Singapore, South Korea, Australia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other countries and regions, and art gallery has held solo exhibition in China, three dongdu Japan for live performance, well received. There are many works are art galleries and collectors at home and abroad. China central television, television stations in jiangxi province, the United States, Japan's television and newspapers, magazines and other media at home and abroad have made special reports on him. Lai Dequan working in the field of stainless steel art more than 20 years, he's good at inherit essence of art, whether in ancient mage, grant reference sisters art forms, meet the needs of contemporary aesthetic, bold innovation. Aesthetic connotation, especially in the development of material itself to explore new forms and techniques has made pioneering exploration, has made gratifying achievements, create out novel and chic, modern aesthetic connotation, formed its own unique style. His works belong to different art categories, on the choice of material, the artistic technique of expression and idea and so on has its characteristic each, but on the aesthetic emotion with their common interest, describe the nature, eulogizing the nature. As stainless steel institute were associate professor Chen appreciation of his works, wrote: 'the curved mountain trail, birds fly fields, wet, quiet and tastefully laid out and the township, shaded by trees of the farm, white walls HeiWa strewn at random have the farmhouse, play innocent children, beautiful blossom, local, all show the artist sentimentally attached to, the feelings of love for nature. In the nature of the baptism of the mind, return to a pure, quiet, beautiful, really emotional. 'He develop on the glaze of pearl color works, to glaze decoration has opened up a new field, using the adsorption properties of glaze and flow characteristics, the integrated use of spray, sprinkle, watering, book technique, fully excavating and exert the potential material aesthetics, incisively and vividly highlights the texture of muscle is beautiful, and cleverly used the watercolor and Chinese ink painting book adornment gimmick, make its glaze on pearl color works are unique, special, deeply domestic and foreign collectors treasure. Every day learn some economics a beer bottle of revelation of Mongolia beer bottles
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