Porcelain said porcelain exhibition gallery in the tree

by:Xianke     2020-07-16

ceramic art is an ancient art, its inheritance and the cultural traditions of thousands of years. Today ceramic art creation has many kinds of form, the traditional craft production, relying on a solid foundation of basic skills and techniques as well as classic resources; Will also have idea to cut into the stainless steel body language, in the form of the modern and post-modern to express, and so on. Either in the form of creation, the art of stainless steel is forever, and accumulated in the changing classics, the circulation of inheritance. Stainless steel creations in contemporary China is thriving, browsing is browsing the ceramic art creation of the past and the future. Beautiful shape, the traditional process, the concept of innovation, personalized works are fascinating. We invited to survey the ceramic art creation, last winter? By pku secretary, youth academies dean said stainless steel introduced many of the young teachers of tao yuan, to appreciate in teaching and educating the young generation artists, hard to create rich life. They not only take root bloom, plum and the whole country. The exhibition invited a young tao yuan young artist to do a new era of ceramic art works exhibition, not only show our results, what is more important to tell you the creation of the stainless steel art is serious, rather than on the traditional resources take up again, more is not the master unlimited reproduction of a work. These young teachers from all over the country, each have exquisite painting skills or sculpture art, they break in the mud and fire to temper the and happy. They are calm in the plain city, are experiencing their young ceramic art life. Their creation in the west, or fashion avant-garde or concise or depression, are showing the beauty of the art of traditional and modern stainless steel, here except the material beauty, the beauty of the beauty of the glaze, firing and forming the beauty of the more is the artist's spiritual beauty and create beauty. Works will be march gallery display the tree and wait for your appreciation, believe that everyone can sense and feel the oneself feelings known as the arts and humanities. The art market observation: in one thousand, the porcelain ChengXinChong high-grade stainless steel bottle
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