Porcelain price depth adjustment: your kiln

by:Xianke     2020-07-19

the personage inside course of study introduces, according to senior auction market in China, the overall good volume, fall than normal. 'True, refined, thin boutique' is still popular, the market more rational. Your kiln for inverse city and Hong Kong sotheby's held on February 2nd a northern song dynasty your kiln azure glaze sunflower wash sales, sales to after running. Million Hong Kong dollars, Us dollars) Clinch a deal, create new world auction record the song dynasty porcelain. The designed on that day called 'azure color treasure - — Japan collection northern song dynasty porcelain, 'the sunflower wash valued than to hk before. Before that, the song dynasty porcelain world auction record by a mallet bottle keep guan kilns powder blue glaze paper. Sotheby's Hong Kong in spring 'escape cui condensation of aromatic - — The Japanese special Tibetan porcelain of song dynasty and ancient paintings ', this auction clinchs a deal with hk dollars. Not surprised for this day price, market participants, deputy chairman of sotheby's Asia and the international head of sotheby's Chinese porcelain and process department, your kiln porcelain is very important in Chinese art history, is the unit of all previous dynasties antique collectors dream exclusivity. The northern song dynasty wash your kiln sunflower spread orderly, appeared on the market after many years, may be the most eye-catching bright spot. A number of veteran in the industry are bullish on the song dynasty porcelain value. They believe that the price of the song dynasty porcelain has always been not low. In chong guan kilns of the song dynasty porcelain auction record at more than ten thousand yuan, has also been market as far below its value. Beijing collector association, director of the China group law of hamming has previously said: 'many foreign collect everyone will collect yuan, before the song dynasty porcelain, and the people on the contrary, most of the collection is the Ming and qing dynasties porcelain. But, in contrast, the cultural background of the song dynasty porcelain is insurmountable peak forever, although now the domestic market is still the Ming and qing dynasties porcelain of the world, but the market has gradually appear tilt, the status of the song dynasty porcelain is to get the attention they deserve. 'Said there are collectors, compared with the Ming and qing dynasties porcelain, porcelain of song dynasty only a few and far between, and therefore more precious. The Ming and qing dynasties porcelain can easily. One hundred million yuan to one hundred million yuan, the song dynasty porcelain compared prices must be underestimated. And the auction record your kiln in northern song dynasty, there is no doubt to the market hit a shot in the arm, under the condition of the market will be able to part from such a high price, do not rule out the song porcelain prices will continue to upgrade the entire plate. A porcelain in the Ming and qing dynasties in Beijing expert comments> < art interview that, compared with China market star grabs your kiln in song dynasty deserves it, another thing with RMB ten thousand clinch a deal the qing qianlong blue seawater xiangyun should be dragon plum bottle 'a bit more than expected,' as a small line is pushing a lots, does not exclude human in composition, the vane of China market is better known in the world of the auction house shall prevail. '' depth adjustment' is just the total turnover in the fall for spring market slump, China's cultural art market continue to test. Some analysts say, on the one hand, is associated with the entire economic environment is not very desirable, good lots less and less, the market is poor when the seller natural rised, which causes the difficulty in auction company collection. In addition, this year the external liquidity tension and art investigation event impact on the art market also cannot be underestimated. China market, there is another factors is the lack of the cultural relics appraisal standard. In the multiplexes appraisal accurate do not underestimate the impact on the cultural relics market. Some collectors 'depth adjustment' to describe in China market. 'Mainland good porcelain items and didn't drop, but total market turnover was adjusted, the market environment, the buyer may ignore the defects of some porcelain, because things easy shots; But in the case of bad, they will surely have more stringent requirements, thus causing clinch a deal rate has fallen dramatically. 'And crazy and hype than in previous years, the market is undergoing a process of squeeze the bubble, the bubble more than in necessarily, but if it is fine, the market will continue to chase. 'Market downturn overall performance on the last two years gradually to pull at antique art market relative to the normal track, and a drop to the end. 'Porcelain collector association in Beijing, director of law hamming said. A porcelain connoisseur thinks, overall good volume in China market, fell back than normal. Crazy controversial items, but not as good as previous years, tend to be more rational as a whole. 'Most traded items in insider view belong to the normal price, not too much more than expected, because most are insider, familiar faces in the play, everyone know to quotation, unlike in previous years, there will be a layman, new faces, frequently create a staggering. Regardless of the market economy as a whole adjustment, China market is still the most strong in all sectors, because 'true, refined, thin boutique, royal porcelain amount is very limited, for the circulating and orderly Jane like your kiln, liquor, rare high-quality goods, is not affected by the market economy as a whole. 'The market for years, insiders optimistic' market weather, as long as markets have something good, there must be a good '. But there are some pessimists think, if not to the adjustment of the 'auction law' and other laws and regulations, the auction market more consolidation, in the short term the market will not have good performance. Guilin lingnan most primitive pottery found years ago
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