Porcelain collection way also has a shortcut

by:Xianke     2020-07-11

collect porcelain is a learning process, has many years of experience in China as a hidden Hao Yulong tells a reporter, want to have a certain level of porcelain collection, you need to learn from the experienced experts, a connoisseur. The first thing to learn from the collection circle of predecessors. 'Earlier in the western city, tianbao road along the street, I met the three elders, they have before liberation in the entrusted business, there are two good west city streets, one who lived near shenyang tao, three can say they are 'old ghost city veteran, had charge of selling the old things. Some people are good at appreciating porcelain, some in ancient COINS, some familiar with bronze and gold copper Buddha, become friends with them, often with a physical collection teach professional knowledge with me, learning at the same time, they also help me long eyes, and enrich my collection. 'Hao Yulong memories, one of liu's three yes in the early eighty s advice he received two baby, a big pot is yuan blue and white and a qing qianlong year pastel flower tree. In addition, the several long immersed in the antique market on the old man also the Hao Yulong quite a few tips for dealing with antiques vendors, such as how to make Mr Hao learned dip, how to accurately, how to tips to make friends with vendors, all these make Hao Yulong benefit in the subsequent years of collection process. The second is to study the high level of traders. 'I contact many antique dealer level is very high, I also learned a lot on them to collect knowledge and skills. Way at the beginning of the market set up in shenyang, I met a from the dabie mountains to the sell antique merchant Lao wu. Then I took a fancy to a porcelain plate in his stall in painting, painting is one of the seven sages diagram, inscribe Wang Xiaotang draw bead mountain, porcelain plate by the old mahogany decoration, of primitive simplicity and elegant, really have one eye, but I didn't know much about the author. Lao wu see I like, take the initiative to introduce the author's life and the beauty from the point of view of appreciation to tell the works, through the statements of Lao wu, improved my knowledge of appreciation, later when we chat very congenial, he gave this porcelain plate paintings sell to me. In the later contact, I learned that he had also worked as a soldier, demobilized because like Chinese porcelain culture, returned to the dabie mountains by China marketing. I was also had participated in the Korean, after that we are 'comrades', Lao wu more kind to me, there is a time can communicate with my knowledge of China painting and calligraphy collection, and with his help, I didn't strike while the iron is hot in the bead mountain eight friends special collection. 'Hao Yulong told reporters, with senior experts to learn is a rich collection and a shortcut to rapidly increase collect state, he also hope that the broad masses of Tibetan friend, collection don't behind closed doors, is much more exchanges and friends to learn, improve together. Celadon - stainless steel bottle bottles of jilin taonan ointment
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