People drink beer found foreign manufacturers: identification of true would like to compensate, figure

by:Xianke     2020-07-09

'xiangjiaba beer producers shancheng company said' no direct evidence, can only compensate cases of beer or yuan 'and friends at a restaurant in the south eat food taken late at night and bought two boxes of xiangjiaba of beer, drink drink drink out foreign body, brown has been disappointing. 'Yibin ( Weibo) Mr Xu this several days has been frowned. Huaxi city reader. The reporter understands, beer maker - — The relevant person in charge of chongqing shancheng beer group company and Mr Xu recently to yibin city food and drug administration, appraisal talk things over solve this matter. Unable to agree on compensation, after the two sides decided to take judicial proceedings. Consumer: among the Browning of the beer bottle Mr Xu told reporters that night, he and his friend came to often eat restaurant drink, then ordered two pieces of mountain city of xiangjiaba beer beer company. 'Drink ten bottles of wine could not find anything problem, until my friend open a bottle of wine, the tenth found after poured a glass of beer bottles in a strange thing. 'Xu said. Suddenly gone and Mr Xu and friends, and good package open good beer, and called the mountain city beer company. 'Although opened the bottle, but we definitely didn't people to add things to the list of beer bottles. 'Mr Xu said he hoped shancheng foreign bodies that exist in the company can give beer to give a reasonable explanation. Mr Xu provide beer bottles, reporter saw a piece of brown foreign bodies, foreign bodies in the half moon, slightly filaments, looks like some kind of nut shell. Beer manufacturers: if the appraisal is willing to compensate for this, shancheng company after-sales FuWuKe section chief, said shaw as opened the beer bottle, how brown substances in beer is unknown, need to eat food and drug administration for appraisal, if the appraisal results show that there is something wrong with the beer, the company is willing to Mr Xu's loss compensation in accordance with the relevant provisions. Eat food and drug administration, Mr. Chen told reporters, head of food technology supervision at present, the food drug administration can only identification for beer, and not for appraisal of the foreign body in beer. And because this beer has a bottle, its branch change, appraisal result therefore not representative, to detect beer if there's any quality problem, need to sampling the same batches of the production of beer. 'At present our country for foreign bodies in beer identification is not according to specification. Consumers and manufacturers can only be carried out in accordance with the state provisions on the quality of the product three packs or compensation. Think Mr Xu 'the latest progress of the two sides failed to achieve coordination, due to a foreign body to drink beer, loss on money not only, also has certain influence in spirit, so Mr Xu and his friend cash five thousand yuan the company for compensation. Shancheng representative section chief shaw says, there is no direct evidence that the foreign bodies from the company's production process in beer, so you can't decided that the company is wrong, so can only compensate xu cases of beer or the equivalent of $two hundred in cash. In the food and drug administration consultation, decided to take judicial proceedings. Eat food and drug administration to shancheng yibin ( Weibo) Producers home to eat food and drug administration issued notice, to test the manufacturer production process. Bottle trouble stainless steel bottle factory
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