Pastel is also called 'soft color

by:Xianke     2020-07-14

pastel is also called 'soft color', is the glaze on a variety of color. Alleged on the glaze color, it is conducted on the good factor device glaze coloured drawing or pattern, again into the kiln temperature baking by degrees Celsius degrees. Our traditional glaze color, in qing dynasty kangxi fifty-two years ( ) Guanyao craftsman, under the inspiration and influence of colored enamel, introduced copper foetus enamel opaque white color material, in process and draw lessons from the colored enamel more levels of preparation techniques, to create the 'powder enamel glaze color varieties. The white color material, commonly known as 'white' glass. Due to the glass white and colorful color material of fusion, make all sorts of color produced a 'powder'. Green color into red color into pink, light green, Huang Cai become yellow, the other colors are also become opaque light color to move, and can control the amount of added quantity to get a series of different shades of color depth, give a person the sense with soft pink embellish, therefore calls the glaze color for 'pastel', on the techniques of expression, from flat to fill new-developped have progress into the light and dark wash; In style, and its layout and brushwork, has the characteristics of the traditional Chinese painting. From the perspective of the art effect of decoration with beautiful, pragmatic criteria, and the characteristics of simplicity and magnificence. That painting can do everything, both traditional Chinese realistic painting and freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese painting, with almost all pastel can behave. In this way, painted figures, flowers and birds, landscapes, etc. , have light and shade, depth and consistency of Yin and Yang, increased the level and stereo feeling, thus formed the new-developped quietly elegant, fine, coloring and wash, sintering process steps, etc. Zhang Yuxian shape the true life
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