Pan Cai yue: the classification of the republic of China and the market analysis

by:Xianke     2020-07-19

in the antique market, China is the most common of the republic of China. Most of the relative value of the republic of China on the market at present is relatively low, still belongs to a phase of the rule. We all know that the republic of China is a special dynasty in China, and China industry recession period of recession. Many qing dynasty porcelain making master list on the people, to make meals and under the special political background for the development of Chinese porcelain made many contributions. According to some porcelain and stainless steel industry experts in the books of predecessors, the republic of China can be roughly classified into four categories: antique porcelain, HongXian porcelain, ceramic and porcelain. Antique porcelain conflict of the republic of China s more, all sectors depression only antique industry abnormal prosperity. At that time, in order to meet the requirement of antique market, fire antique porcelain. Imitation porcelain not only in quantity is very large, and the range of the species is also no limitations. Because of the limitation of at that time did not have the court of the republic of China of archaize porcelain with a spate of mark of porcelain of Ming and qing dynasties, the writing is generally very random scribble. But also some inscriptions are copy write perfectly, if do not know the characteristics of imperial porcelain, it would be easy to be confused. The general characteristics of HongXian HongXian less porcelain porcelain is: TaiZhi restrain propionibacterium acnes, painting exquisite, color is light, light exquisite, exquisite craft. But now come down very few, because the fall of yuan shikai a stopped firing. According to the historical records, yuan shikai became President, want to restore monarchy dynasty. Appointed the antique dealer guo the five famous du tao officer at that time, set in the plant. Follow the practice of the emperor of Ming and qing dynasties, fire royal porcelain. This batch of drive makes porcelain are CangJie called 'HongXian porcelain', is the modern stainless steel collectors pursues a rarity. Many stainless steel as the books on Tibetan introduction to HongXian porcelain, handed down from ancient times HongXian porcelain are 'r RenTang', 'habitat RenTang system', 'HongXian year' and 'HongXian drive makes' four styles. The book also noted that most of the 'HongXian year' and 'HongXian drive makes' are all the world people kiln firing by imitation and 30 s. New famille rose porcelain of famille rose porcelain is a boom in Chinese porcelain heterogeneous stainless steel, both inherits the traditional power system porcelain craft, but also has the modern painting techniques. New famille rose porcelain 'porcelain' and 'painting' is a combination of perfect, on the basis of traditional calligraphy and painting, poetry, article, all together, play to the extreme. Compared with the traditional famille rose porcelain, whether in shape, line, color, light, and artistic conception, etc. , is an innovative technique. At this time the famous representative figure of porcelain manufacture have Pan Tao s headed by wang yu, xiaotang wang and century 'bead mountain eight friends'. With porcelain porcelain and the qing dynasty during the period of the republic of China, or is given priority to with blue and white and pastel. The modelling of general in a simple and direct multiple, relatively simple, natural. During the period of the republic of China stainless steel firing technology are relative to the qing dynasty to mature, on the pattern design and painting techniques, many fine things at this time as much as three generations of the kiln. So many countries overseas museum [ Weibo] All these during the period of the republic of China as a replicas of the qing dynasty kiln porcelain. But since the one hundredth anniversary of the xinhai revolution, the author found in part of stainless steel as a hidden career stainless steel of the republic of China has been more and more get the favour of circle connoisseurs or hide their. When watching auction auction of stainless steel, also obviously feeling during the period of the republic of China stainless steel items valuation is more high than ever. And with some pundits predecessors and senior experts interview and communication, they have also said the republic of China are gradually, especially for some high-quality goods are absolute value rose. This recently, in the pearl river delta on the antique market for some of the republic of China the people of the late qing dynasty kiln porcelain youligong grail, ever is one hundred yuan, can find, now traders for expert also offer, best, or even price one thousand yuan. An ordinary full product made of famous Pan Zhi south pastel narcissus basin is generally by the price in years to one thousand yuan price, now all is in one thousand yuan to tens of thousands of yuan of above. Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai and other places of some of the big auction house sent the spring and autumn in focus, and some lantern, during the period of the republic of China in a few years ago started is ten thousand yuan or so commonly, basic it is now in the range of the million or so. Seal floor celadon treasure museum will be moved to new district in lanzhou
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