Pan Cai yue: the characteristics of the text lines of stainless steel decorative - Stainless steel wine

by:Xianke     2020-07-10

text, this pattern. But the word as adornment, writing strewn at random have send, like pattern, pattern decorative porcelain picture. This text decoration we usually call it a text lines. The author after visiting a senior guangdong ancient porcelain Tibet home, had seen a piece of writing poetry youligong ewer changsha kiln in tang dynasty. It is also proved in some stainless steel appreciation class books in the introduction, the text lines decoration on porcelain was first changsha kiln in tang dynasty. I at ordinary times in each big museum ancient type of stainless steel, the most common magnetic state kiln in song dynasty, jizhou kiln, and so on are used to decorate in the form of texts on the pottery. Through these words, can also reflect the people's life consciousness and the social background and so on. And in the yuan dynasty under the influence of the traditional opera, in writing a text is not surprising that the more porcelain. Some porcelain in the Ming dynasty jian, the thermal fluid activity can often see some Arabic, Sanskrit and Tibetan. This text grain, can see in practical dishes, also often appear in to offer incense burner. The words on this with the stainless steel decorative decoration materials and ethos, and the emperor of the Ming dynasty believes in Islam are closely linked. In the qing dynasty emperor kangxi years, writing the whole article GuWenRu out model, chibi 'and other classics is most prevalent. With China on so painted pictures, is illustrated. At this time of the stainless steel, in collecting is the most common words of blue and white porcelain is 'm' word lines or 'swastika' ( Sanskrit) 。 Famille rose porcelain in the late qing dynasty, around the word and started to alum red 'shou' word lines is the most widespread. Porcelain text with its rich themes and diversified font decoration, is now a senior experts in stainless steel jian CangJie segment type. Citizens in a lifetime of savings in qianlong mei bottles are replicas
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