painted wine glasses - what\'s the big deal?

by:Xianke     2020-06-24
Painted wine glasses have been around since the 17th century, but the popularity has surged recently.
But why do people buy it?
First of all, they can make great gifts for the following various events: Birthday hen night Christmas wedding dinner Halloween Chris Klingle party, why would people like to receive painted wine glasses?
For many, this is an extension of their personality (
So be careful when you buy it, otherwise the glasses may be placed behind the cabinet).
If you\'re the kind of person who likes to have friends come over for dinner, painting wine glasses can be a real asset.
From a functional point of view, they will prevent you from confusing your glasses in your friends (
Investigate who\'s lipstick matches the stain on the edge of your glass).
This is assuming you buy a variety of designs, which I recommend so that there will always be something personalized that suits your mood and allows guests to choose something that reflects their mood and personality.
They can also be used as a constant reminder of happy events (
Birthday, wedding, etc).
Just make sure that what you are experiencing is a happy time because of the science behind this theory (
Called anchor)
This shows that it is as easy to produce a bad feeling as a good glass!
From a shape perspective, stained wine glasses can illuminate your activities.
Even including dinner with friends (
I have to admit who I associate with sometimes)
There, your glasses can be a stand on a tea candle.
I also think it tastes better to drink in a nice glass of wine.
Don\'t ask me the science behind this.
Maybe I\'m slowly taking in some fantastic chemicals from the paint? Only kidding -
All good glasses use non
Very stable toxic paint.
If you\'re still worried, buy a glass with a design far below the edges so your lips don\'t touch the paint.
From the price point of view, the price of the mid-range color wine glass may be around $25.
There are a wide range of products on the Internet, many of which are customized boxes.
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