On the glass bottle to distinguish wine that's easy, you can do it!

by:Xianke     2020-07-09

function introduced Vinehoo welcome network community, the leading Chinese wine wine network media, interactive community. Buy all kinds of wine knowledge, price information, latest information reception activities. Wine bottle can give a person a lot of information. Even if there is no label, with only a wine bottle can probably guess what bottle is filled with wine. This article introduces the major wine bottle, decryption to readers what's the difference between the different wine bottle on the wine. High shoulder wine bottle, this is the most common type of wine bottle, production is mainly composed of French bordeaux region, for Merlot, main red wine and Sauvignon Blanc white wine is bottled. Inclined shoulder wine bottle of sparkling wine, champagne bottle of sparkling wine bottle, because the air pressure inside the bottle at times normal atmospheric pressure. Type some sparkling wine bottle at the bottom of the flat. Such order wine bottle used for advanced type sparkling wine is bottled. Diverse style of wine bottle wine bottle more than the average dry wine bottles and gorgeous. Give the bottle a customized production chamber of commerce stamp or seal, and different bottle shape to distinguish between different types of wine. The unique wine bottle wine bottle type is not as much wine varieties. Companalysis years of glass manufacturers, according to the manual, in fact, the design of the wine bottle styles have not changed over the years. The world's largest wine bottle near Porto
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