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by:Xianke     2020-06-28
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Short-legged cups with thick edges and fat stems were once the definition of American wine glass.
Since then, red sauce joints and outdated white tablecloth restaurants and hundreds are everywhere.
Today, the Gold Label is produced by Zalto, Austria.
What is the key to brand design success?
The exquisite paper Bowl blends with wine and can hardly be seen.
In other words, there is almost no obstacle between the consumer and the ethereal white Burgundy.
The stem is also a feather-like light and rough, evoking a crane or heron that is balanced on one leg.
Vulnerability, however, is only appearance.
Zalto used their glassware as a mouth. blown, lead-Free Dishwasher
Safe wine glass
Zalto glassware has been on the market for about a decade, although the production method can be traced back to 1400 generations.
The Zalto family has six generations of experience in glass production, working in the wine region Neunagelberg in Lower Austria.
The local priest, Father Denk, was respected for his wine expertise, and Kurt Zato approached him on the matter of cooperation on 2003.
So a new high
The wine glass called Zalto denk\'art was born.
According to the manufacturer, \"the development of the denk art series is influenced by the Earth and the universe.
The curve of the bowl is [sic]
Tilt at angles of 24 °, 48 ° and 72 °, which is consistent with the tilt angle of the Earth.
The ancient Romans used these three angles in their supply bank and found that the products remained fresh for a longer period of time and the taste improved.
\"Initially, the brand showed off to the local wine industry with hundreds of products.
On 2005, Winemonger import company in California found the glasses while visiting the Austrian winery.
They fell in love with the elegant and sturdy design that brought the glassware to the United StatesS. market.
The famous sommelier and restaurant owner began to integrate the brand into their company.
Saison in San Francisco changed their old stemware to Zalto in 2012.
On the East Coast, Charlie Bird\'s sommelier, Robert pole, in Soho, New York, uses Zalto as the exclusive glass of the restaurant.
Zalto developed Alsom, who is
As a brand ambassador, it has won the founder of the Austrian sommelier and the Sohm Wine Bar in New York.
As significant sommelier establishes this trend, the popularity of Zalto continues to rise, as evidenced by the increasing number of premium catering establishments exclusively using the brand. Industry-
Wide, those who use Zalto claim that, unlike any other glass on the market, it focuses and enhances the aroma and flavor of the wine.
In fact, rival Riedel feels awkward compared to Zalto, although it\'s one of the first companies to drive regional development --Specific shape.
Like Riedel, Zalto produces glassware suitable for different wines and drinks, although \"universal\" starts at $59 per root, perfect for those who drink all kinds of white and red drinks and for those who have insufficient space.
Bordeaux, Burgundy and Champagne drinkers may prefer to buy glasses specially designed for the nose of these wines.
There are also versions of beer and water plus decan water dispensers, carafes and even stylish spouts, allowing professionals who have to spit to do so.
Zalto is a seamless component from stem to edge with unparalleled form and functional synergy.
Once you drink wine from weightless Zalto, each wine glass will be as bulky as a Mason jar.
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